Chris Brown Wants to Leave Planet

Apparently even Christmas Eve won’t put a damper on Chris Brown’s Twitter rants, as the R&B star has vowed to “leave this planet” after the release of his next album in 2013.

What triggered the rant is unclear, but Brown seemed upset with music industry politics and criticism.

“Real artist are an endangered species! This gimmick age is f****** corny as f***! Be you but f****** get credit for the work u do. Not becuz someone cosigns who knows absolutely nothing about music and culture!” said Brown, obviously lacking in holiday cheer.

Rihanna’s sometime man continued with a proclamation: “After this album I wanna leave this planet,” said Brown. Perhaps recognizing the anger that triggered his outburst (usually not his strong suit), Brown has since deleted the tweets.

Ironically, throughout 2012 there have been many reasons why  pop culture watchers have wanted Brown to leave the planet. Who could forget Brown abandoning Rihanna in Paris, his shameless participation in the Rihanna Karrueche love triangle, or perhaps most egregiously, his Taliban Halloween costume.

On Halloween, Brown recklessly posted an Instagram picture of himself and his crew dressed in turbans and pointing fake guns. The group later attended Rihanna’s party at the Greystone Manor. Then, of course,  Brown posted another controversial photo, of a new neck tattoo depicting a battered woman’s face. Many claimed the tattoo resembled the bruised face of Rihanna after the couple’s infamous blow out before the 2009 Grammy Awards. 2012 has certainly not been a quiet year for Brown, to say the least.

The latest rant about leaving the planet comes after Brown caused a maelstrom of controversy on a tour stop in Nigeria.  Brown performed at a concert held at the Expo Hall of the Eko Hotel and Suites, Lagos on December 22. Reportedly, Breezy  snubbed a female Nigerian fan who was trying to hug him. Not exactly the way to build goodwill, especially given his reputation with women.

Carpe Diem, Brown’s latest release, drops in 2013. Only time will tell as to whether he will follow through on his promise. Sadly, wherever he goes, Rihanna and Karrueche will likely trail close behind.

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