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Kristen Stewart Talks 'Snow White And The Huntsman' Sequel

There was doubt if Twilight star, Kristen Stewart, would return for possible Snow White and the Huntsman sequel after having one of the biggest Hollywood scandals of 2012. Stewart, 22, was romantically involved with married director of Snow White and the Huntsman, Rupert Sanders, earlier this year.

“Oh it’s going to be f***ing amazing,” Stewart told Indiewire during an interview. “I’m so excited about it, it’s crazy.”

When Stewart sat down for an interview she confirmed that she will reprise her role as the face white as snow, black hair, and bright red lipstick princess for a second installment to 2012 hit movie.

The movie was supposedly to be kept secret from the public’s ears, but Stewart was obviously excited about it.

“I’m not allowed to reveal details. The other day I said there was a strong possiblility that we’re going to make a sequel, and that’s verytrue, but everybody was like, ‘Whoa, stop talking about it,” She said. ” So no, i’m totally not allowed to talk about it.”

Besides that, not much information has been release on the Snow White and the Huntsman sequel, or if director Rupert Sanders will be returning to direct the film.




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