Will Smith In Talks For 'Focus' …But Kristen Stewart Walks

Warner Bros.’ new heist film Focus has been plagued with so many casting problems and for a moment it looked like Will Smith and Kristen Stewart would be locking lips as the film leads.

The screenplay from Crazy Stupid Love authors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa originally constructed the roles for Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, but due to scheduling conflicts they were unable to do the film. The roles were subsequently given to Ben Affleck and Stewart.

However, back in December, Affleck also dropped the project due to his directorial obligations for the film Live By Night. With Affleck gone, the search for a leading man was on, and Smith was the next target for courtship. If the Men in Black star agrees to come on board, this would be a big break for the Focus production squad due to Smith’s box office ticket selling power — which means an even bigger budget from the studios.

Smith would play a veteran con man preparing for the heist of the century and while doing so sparks a relationship with a newcomer to the con game and falls freakishly in love with her.

Now where would Stewart fit into all this? Well certainly not opposite Smith as the female lead. For some reason working with one of the biggest actors in Hollywood wasn’t an attractive proposition. Just like the others, the actress walked away from the project.

If a deal is struck with Will Smith, who would match up best with his on-screen charisma? I’m thinking Kerry Washington. What do you think?

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