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Samuel L. Jackson Lets F-Bomb Fly During Saturday Night Live Sketch

Samuel L. Jackson is known for playing short tempered characters, but last night on “Saturday Night Live” the “Django Unchained” actor let an F-bomb fly while playing himself. Jackson was working alongside Kenan Thompson in SNL’s recurring “What’s Up with That,” during which Thompson plays fake BET host DeAndre Cole and constantly interrupts his guests with songs.

During the segment Thompson’s character asks Jackson what the holidays mean to him, but as Jackson begins to talk about his foundation for people in need, he is cut off. Reflecting the angry caricatures he’s known for, Jackson threatens the ridiculous character.

“I’m trying to talk about helping people here!” Jackson yells. “So don’t you dare cut me off!”

As per usual on the segment Cole would not be stopped, continuing his tune with the help of an ensemble.  As the host closed out his show without letting Jackson speak, the guest star let the swear flying saying simply “man f—“

Quick on his wit, Thompson reprimanded Jackson telling him, “Eh! … C’mon, Sam! C’mon now! That costs money.”

Jackson tweeted about the sketch after the fact, posting, “I only said FUH not FUCK! K was sposed to cut off da BULLS–T, blew it!!” along with a picture of his shocked face. Check out the clip below, where NBC muted the word.

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