Evelyn Lozada, Shaunie O'Neal Go To War With Gloria Govan

Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada called out Gloria Govan on Twitter before Draya put in her two cents. Meanwhile, Gloria claims that Shaunie O’Neal is making sure her side of the story isn’t shown.

After spotting Evelyn with her daughter giving back to those in need on Thanksgiving, seeing her work with Oprah’s finest to fix her life, and even launching her own fitness empire we were all hoping the reality star was done with the Basketball Wives drama.

Obviously, however, she still has a bone to pick with Gloria Govan.

Earlier Gloria stated that she was the sole reason that Basketball Wives L.A. even exists, and Ev didn’t take too kindly to that idea.

“LOL!!! Ur the reason why there’s a “SPIN-OFF” but ur a “Non Mutha F***in Factor” on ur own show! #ChildPlease #NobodyCares,” Chad Johnson’s ex-wife tweeted.

One tweet was already a mouthful, but after Draya tweeted “Evelyn is funny” it only gassed up the reality star even more.

“Right u came in and took over her “SPIN-OFF” #BooBye,” she continued.

When it comes down to it, the comment wasn’t really directed at the 37-year-old reality star so the public blow up was a bit more than called for.

We’re sure Iyanla Vanzant is very disappointed in you Ev.

While it would be great to see Lozada remove herself from the drama and social media wars all together, we can understand why one comment really got under skin.

During the beef, Gloria decided that no blow was low enough so she decided to bring up Evelyn’s domestic violence situation that unfolded earlier this year.

“You want to bring up my domestic issue to try to make urself relevant as if u never had a domestic issue! #TheThirstToBeRelevant,” the fitness guru tweeted in reference to the fact that Gloria’s husband Matt Barnes was arrested back in 2010 on domestic abuse charges.

Of course all the season’s drama spilled over into the reunion special which aired Monday night, but according to Gloria the reunion was just another attack on her – this time by executive producer Shaunie O’Neal.

“It is obvious the power of editing,” Matt Barnes’s wife said in an interview about the reunion. “I wasn’t saying I was the creator of Basketball Wives, the franchise, period.”

She even admitted that she didn’t even watch the reunion when it aired because of how “misconstrued” it was.

Govan believes that since Lozada is Shaunie’s homegirl she didn’t give her a chance to explain her side of the situation.

“They didn’t air my response in terms of what I said back to Bambi, they took my comment about the spinoff way out of context,” she continued. “It was really frustrating…”

Well, she did get the chance to explain herself during the interview and revealed that she never claimed to have created the show but she was a major factor to the show becoming a reality.

“I’m just saying that if I had not moved to LA there would not have been the spinoff,” the reality starlet explained. “If this was Shaunie’s show, if she created it, like I said before she spends half her time in LA, she could’ve had her own show, and if she was the big and bad ass producer why would she even give my sister an opportunity to be on the show? … You don’t see Shaunie on Basketball Wives LA at all. You don’t even see her in the background at a restaurant. She’s not anywhere to be seen because she has no involvement in it whatsoever.”

Either way, it seems like this Basketball Wife is ready to put the reality show behind her for good after admitting that she wouldn’t go back to the show even if they asked her to.

“…I don’t agree with the direction the show is going,” Govan explained. “…I just feel like the direction of the show is becoming more of a Bad Girls Club, then it is a Basketball Wives show.”

We didn’t see much of a different between the two shoes to begin with to be honest, but we see where she’s coming from.

With the show being based on table climbing, fist slinging, bottle throwing wives gone wild we aren’t surprised to see some of the ladies deciding that enough is enough.


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