Shocking Conn. School Shooting: 27 Dead, Including Shooter

A single gunman responsible for an elementary school shooting in Newtown, Conn is dead according to multiple news outlets. The harrowing shooting took place this morning at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The shooter, only identified at this time as an adult male, was in the main office of the elementary school as he opened fire. At this time it has been reported that one victim has multiple gunshot wounds and the police have recovered two handguns believed to have been used by the man.

Details about the victims are unfolding, with varying reports from local eye-witnesses and police staff.

—-Two adults, not including the gunman, have been pronounced dead at this time.

—–ABC News has reported that over a dozen, maybe up to 25 people, have been killed in the elementary school shooting. Hospital staff have neither confirmed nor denied that several children have been admitted with injuries, including gunshot wounds, as a result of the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

As this uncertain event unfolds, the school has been placed on lock down as of of 10:30 a.m. An evacuation of the school is underway, however. Children, some in tears, were lead away from the area by their teachers. Early pictures show the children exiting the building, holding hands. As can be expected, many of the young children have been shaken up by this act of senseless violence.

Sandy Hook Elementary School sits just an hour and a half from New York City. The school has about 650 students and almost 40 teachers. Many parents are being reunited with their kids, however precautionary measures are being taken by the local police. The wooded area surrounding the building is being searched by armed officers as kids are rushed to safety.

Early interviews with those on the scene tell a horrifying story. A third-grader talked about seeing her nursery school teacher being lead away on a stretcher. She did not know if her teacher was hurt or not. A parent, Terese Lestik, had a happy reunion with her five year old daughter Eva. The girl was unharmed. Thankful, Terese said, “I am horrified…I just pray for whoever is hurt.”

Handfuls of state troopers are on the scene assisting local law enforcement on securing the area. For now, the school remains on lock down to ensure the safety of the students who remain in the building.


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