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Jonathan Martin’s High School Alma Mater Thinks He’s Still a Threat, Gets Restraining Order

Screenshot from Jonathan Martin social media

Former Miami Dolphins football player Jonathan Martin is back in the news. Shortly after the devastating mass shooting at a Florida high school, Martin raised eyebrows when he posted a photo of a shotgun with several names included. The caption read, “When you’re a bullying victim and a coward, your options are suicide or revenge.”

Two of the names listed were former schoolmates of the athlete at Harvard-Westlake High School. Martin was arrested after the post, however, since his arrest, Harvard-Westlake is concerned he may be a threat. According to reports by TMZ, the school confirmed Martin checked himself into a mental facility but fears he may have already checked out. Additionally, the ex-NFL player lives only 45 minutes from the school. The restraining order was granted and Martin is to stay at least 150 yards away from the school.

Martin has been open about the bullying he suffered during his tenure in the NFL. Namely at the hands of Richie Incognito, one of the people named in his photo. An investigation conducted for the NFL found that Incognito engaged in persistent harassment of Martin starting in 2012. The investigation was concluded in 2014.

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