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Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Deals With Another Gun Threat Weeks After Mass Shooting

Even though Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School experienced a mass shooting last month, they face a new threat.

Recently a student at the high school threatened to shoot another student. He posted a Snapchat that read, “Anyone know josh at Stoneman Douglas he’s light skin where’s Gucci glasses and jeans that look like a 4 year old drew on em hmu.”

Picture taken from TMZ

Also another post that said, “Catch me out here n*gga.”

Picture taken from TMZ

The student that made the gun threat was arrested. He told the police that the bullets were his dad’s and the gun was a BB gun. After further research on the student, it was found that his Fortnite gamer name was “NickCruz,” the shooter who gunned down 17 people at the school last month.

Although the student making the threats was arrested, the victim’s parents, as well as other parents and students, want to know if the arrested student will be permitted back into the school. The school has not responded to any of the concerns.

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