NeNe Leakes Confirms She’s Back With Gregg, Announces ‘Something Big’

NeNe Leakes has finally confirmed what we knew all along, that she is back together with ex-husband Gregg Leakes; but she also revealed that she has some more big news that her fan’s may not be expecting.

Photo after photo of NeNe hand in hand with Gregg suggested that the couple was back together, but it wasn’t until last week that the reality star finally confirmed it herself.

During her guest hosting gig on The Talk, she opened up about her relationship with Gregg and even spilled the beans on why the two divorced in the first place.

“I am not sure if Gregg was ready to see me as if his wife out in the forefront making my own money, doing my own thing,” she explained during the daytime talk show. “That was very difficult for him and I felt like Gregg wasn’t doing all the things that he should be doing as a husband, and I decided to divorce Gregg.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star also hinted that there was infidelity in the relationship, but failed to give a straight forward answer when she was confronted about it.

“Well, there certainly wasn’t three of us,” she replied to Julie Chen. “Because I can’t handle that! Because I am so vocal, I felt like I was accused of doing something wrong in our relationship… and actually it wasn’t me, to be honest, Gregg did something I did not approve of.”

For now, the pair is working on their issues because according to NeNe her man is knows that “the grass is very brown” on the other side. They may be dating, but the divorce was indeed finalized earlier this year after the Leakes separated for more than a year.

Meanwhile, the highest paid Housewife from Atlanta revealed that she might be adding another major project to her plate.

She has already bagged several appearances on “Glee” and now has a role on the new hit series “The New Normal.” She also starred as a contestant on “The Apprentice” and even has a homeware collection, a shoe collection, and a book. As if all that wasn’t enough the reality star turned actress has announced another new project, but was vague on the actual details.

“Hey tweetie pies,” the 44-year-old New York native tweeted to her fans. “I didn’t 4get u 2day! Yo girl been out hustling from meeting 2 meeting! Something big is coming.”

She didn’t say exactly what but fans are already giving it their best guess.

Many of Leakes’s followers immediately went with a spin-off, but if there is anything the outspoken starlet probably wouldn’t like it would be looking like a copy-cat. Her former cast member Kim Zolciak already bagged her own reality spin-off which leads us to believe that NeNe is aiming for something even bigger.

After being such a hit as a celeb guest host on The Talk, perhaps her own talk show is in the making?

Either way, she promises that her latest business venture is certainly a huge one so only time will tell what she has up her sleeves this time.


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