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Lindsay Lohan Faces Major Jail Time, Owes Charlie Sheen a ‘Thank You’

Lindsay Lohan is facing up to eight months in jail, and she still owes Charlie Sheen a big “thank you” after he lent the actress thousands to pay off the IRS.

Tomorrow the trouble making actress’s probation will be revoked and that means the starlet may be behind bars for quite some time.

According to TMZ, Lohan will be arraigned Wednesday for “allegedly lying to cops and reckless driving in connection with her car accident last June.”

In addition to revoking the 26-year-old’s probation, the judge will also set an official date for the hearing in which the courts will decide if the “Liz & Dick” actress really did violate her probation.

The hearing will take place during the same time Lindsay stands trial for her other criminal charges. Unfortunately for Lohan, even if the courts find her not guilty on those charges the judge can still determine that she violated her probation.

In other words, the actress is almost certainly going to receive 8 months in jail, which doesn’t include the time she would serve if she is found guilty for the car accident as well.

Sources told TMZ that the L.A. City Attorney is “out for blood,” but they aren’t the only ones who are going after the frequent DUI offender.

Lohan’s “Scary Movie 5” co-star Charlie Sheen wants something very simple (and free) from the trouble making actress – a “Thank You.”

Sheen even admitted that he’ll take it via text message at this point after he forked over $100,000 so his co-star could pay off her debt to the IRS.

“I’m still waiting for a text to say thank you,” the former Two and a Half Men actor told ET. “Anything, anything, you know?”

He went on to explain that he wanted to help out the “Mean Girls” actress because she had been cheated on another job when they failed to pay the star as much as they promised.

“They owed her money, didn’t pay her, so I took care of it,” Sheen added.

The 47-year-old actor has had his share of run ins with the law and drugs, and actually seems to be very understanding of what his young co-star is going through.

“She just needs a little bit of time,” he explained. “People need to give her time to get her s**t together.”

He went on to describe Lohan as a “very good, decent young lady” and even admitted that he feels like she is simply “going through a lot.”

Either way, it seems like the courts are getting fed up with her frequent appearances in the courtroom whether she really is a “decent young lady” or not.


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