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Katt Williams Arrested Again For Felony Warrant After Police Chase

Katt Williams has been arrested a second time in just a matter of weeks for an outstanding felony warrant from the high speed chase he led Sacramento police on a few weeks ago.

According to the Sacramento Bee, the comedian was taken into custody on Friday after a routine traffic stop just over 20 miles north of Sacramento.

Yolo Country deputies performed the traffic stop when they discovered Katt’s outstanding warrant.

Just to refresh your memory, Williams slapped a Target employee before riding a shopping cart out to his motorized three-wheeled vehicle which he then used to evade police by driving on the sidewalk in a heavily populate pedestrian area.

The police were forced to call off the chase after the comedian/part-time rapper almost ran over five pedestrians.

Due to his comedy tour, the 39-year-old comedian has been traveling in and out of the area quite frequently which only made it even more difficult to catch him.

After he was taken into custody, he managed to post bail once again the next morning (Dec. 8) but will be facing the court in January for the assault charges he racked up after the Katt Williams slap video went viral.

The assault charges are only the beginning of what is sure to become a long list of court dates for the “Friday After Next” actor, however. He also racked up even more assault charges after a bar fight where he then threatened the manager with a pool cue and threw a cigarette at a woman which hit her in the eye. As the woman was driving away Williams threw a rock at her car as well.

Even before that, the “Norbit” actor also hit a fan at one of his comedy shows over the head with a microphone and threw a bar stool at others.

The many assault charges are a matter of their own, and the comedian may also be paying up some big bucks as a fan is still flowing through with a class action lawsuit against Williams for his “non-performance.”

During one of his first bizarre breakdowns, the self-proclaimed pimp opened up his comedy show with a length and strange monologue before removing his shirt, jumping into the crowd, and threatening to fight at least three members of the audience.

He was carried away by his very own security and the show ended in about ten minutes despite the fact that some attendees paid almost $100 for their tickets.

All the recent havoc led the father of one to announce his retirement – which was a bit of a sigh of relief considering how many people seem to be getting hurt during his comedy tour.

Just a day later, however, it was announced that he was indeed not retiring and only said those things because he felt “disrespected.”

We are pretty sure Katt has been the one doing most of the disrespecting, but either way one can only hope that the madness will come to an end soon.


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