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Karrueche Tran Using Chris Brown to Promote ‘The Kill’ Clothing Line

Karrueche Tran‘ s The Kill clothing line may be more important than rekindling her relationship with Chris Brown in Paris. Meanwhile, Rihanna lashed out in another Twitter rant before posting a taunting hotel photo of her in bed with Chris but this time Karrueche didn’t respond.

On the surface it seems like the Karrueche, Chris, Rihanna love triangle will never end but some spectators believe it has.

While Rihanna has been sending out tweet after tweet of photos suggesting that the singer turned rapper is hers once again, Tran’s latest Chris Breezy photos all have one thing in common – her brand being strategically placed at the center of attention.

Karrueche was wiggled her way back into the picture after she jetted off to Paris along side Ugo Mozie, her brand partner stylist who also styles Chris.

However, there might be a little less love in this triangle now that Tran is focusing on launching her new clothing brand ‘The-Kill.’

Rumors are starting to surface that the wannabe model is well aware that Chris Brown is her one way ticket to promoting her brand world wide and that without the love triangle with the “Don’t Judge Me” crooner her name becomes irrelevant in the tabloids.

“Chris is Kae’s meal ticket,” one user commented on HollywoodLife.

Another reader on TheYBF wrote, “K-roach thinks she’s going to spawn some Kardashian-like career by being someone’s ex-girlfriend.”

Also Team Breezy’s fans aren’t too happy with Kae for popping up in his life again, it may be the smartest move she has made yet when it comes to attempting to build a career.

One pic that recently surfaced with the couple together again featured Chris staring at Kae’s butt while she and her friends are all wearing their own “The Kill” snapbacks.

The young aspiring model and fashion designer was also seen in a pic tweeted by Mimi Garbet, a friend of Ugo’s, outside LAX on Friday with the caption that read, “LAX to #Paris #TheKillSociety.”

Although rumor has it that Karrueche did meet up with Chris and they supposedly even partied together, Tran is yet to post any photos of that rendezvous – possibly because there isn’t any “The-Kill” apparel to be shown in those photos?

Either way, her plan seems to be working because now even the tabloids are releasing shot after shot of Breezy rocking his ex’s apparel, which may be the only thing to really put her brand on the map.

So is Kae finally wising up enough to leave the romance out of it and just use Chris for his fame to promote herself?

Either way, RiRi isn’t liking it. The Bajan beauty launched a Twitter rant after she got word that her “best friend” was spending some quality time with his ex in Paris.

“Examine what you tolerate,” the “Where Have You Been” singer tweeted. “Goodbye muthaf***er.”

Another tweet read, “You give, you get, then you give it the f**k back.” All of the angry tweets have since been deleted and replaced by a loving picture of what appears to be the Good Girl Gone Bad in Chris’s arms.

Jay-Z’s mentee jetted to Paris right after she finished her performance on the X-Factor UK and quickly found herself in bed with Breezy once again.

The black and white photo has a distinctly tatted arm wrapped around the “Stay” songstress which is believed to belong to none other than Mr. Brown himself.

“Damn….. I miss my ni**a #thuglife #BFFlife,” she tweeted along with the picture.

Kae’s reaction to the pic seems to be even more proof that she just needs the “Don’t Wake Me” singer as a publicity tool because… well, she didn’t respond at all.

Tran forced her way into the spotlight through several online Twitter feuds with RiRi just a few years ago, and now she doesn’t seem to be paying the R&B star (or her taunting pics) any mind.


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