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Ways to Show, Rather Than Say, ‘I Love You’

Sometimes the best way to say I Love You to someone special isn’t with just your words. Showing them how you feel by your actions rather than just telling them is often much more genuine and convincing. Small, sincere gestures often work the best for this although elaborate acts of romance never hurt.

Here are 5 creative ways to show someone that you love them.

Make them a love play-list. Create a play list or CD full of songs that are meaningful to you as a couple. They don’t have to be slow, romantic songs necessarily, just songs that you can relate back to special moment, inside jokes and happy times together. Also include songs that remind you of your partner.

Try something new just for them. Has your boyfriend or girlfriend been asking you to join them doing something that they love but doesn’t interest you at all? No, you might not be particularly thrilled to attend a salsa dancing class, the ballet, or a baseball game but your effort won’t go unnoticed. Part of being in love is doing things solely to make the other person happy, and if all they want is your presence, this is an easy one!

Make an effort with their friends and family. Sometimes the best way to show someone that you really love them is by strengthening your relationship with the people who are the most important to them. Sure, you might not enjoy hanging out with your girlfriend’s friends, but when you go out of your way to be kind and get to know them, you show her that anything and anyone who is important to her is also important to you.

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