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SW Atlanta Activists Implement Aggressive Strategy to Occupy Foreclosed Homes

For the second time in 48-hours, residents of SW Atlanta’s Pittsburgh neighborhood went on the offensive, taking over another vacant, foreclosed home. They say they are trying to rid their community of the blight, one way or another.

Even if it’s against the law.

And so far, no one’s stopping them — not the absentee owners, including banks that took over many of the community’s vacant homes in foreclosure.

Neighborhood residents, who have now unilaterally taken control of the two houses, say they are practicing civil disobedience, in order to accomplish what no one in authority will even try to do for their neighborhood.

“This property’s been vacant for some years, and it looks real bad,” said Pastor Bobby Williams of Community Ministry Church. “We have so many abandoned houses over here in the Pittsburgh community.”

Pastor Williams calls them crime magnets.

His church, as well as a school, are across the street from the dilapidated house where the activists were focusing their efforts on Saturday.

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One thought on “SW Atlanta Activists Implement Aggressive Strategy to Occupy Foreclosed Homes

  1. Lordsik Dragunfir says:

    As a landlord in Pittsburgh, all I can say is follow legal channels for this and find a solution. Work with the banks and get them to approve you finding renters (it'll protect the properties for them as well). We have enough squatters breaking into homes they don't own. As a landlord, I'm concerned that between tenants, you'll take over my property. That's not acceptable and I would press charges.

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