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Dan Aykroyd Gives More 'Ghostbusters 3' Hope

Even if the fat lady sings, Dan Aykroyd still wouldn’t give up on making Ghostbusters 3. For years the actor has been fighting to create a third addition of the popular franchise film. Recently, while talking to Esquire magazine, Aykroyd said, ‘We’re Closer Than We Ever Have Been’ when referring to making Ghostbusters 3.

“I’ve worked on every draft in the last three years, as Ivan [Reitman, the director] has, and now we have a story and a draft that everybody seems to agree would make the third movie,” Aykroyd tells Esquire. “At this point, I think we’re closer than we ever have been. And because of the ever-shifting sands and nature of the motion-picture business, I will just say that hopefully, at some point, it will be morphing into what is known in the business as a production number XP39789.”

In an interview last year Bill Murray mentioned that he wanted nothing to do with Ghostbusters 3 saying, “no one wants to pay money to see fat, old men chasing ghosts.” In result, Aykroyd puts the blame on Murray for the delay of the film.

“Had Billy chosen to do the Eisenberg/Stupnitsky script of two years ago, it would be out this summer, and it would be a massive hit. If Billy had said yes, it would have satisfied his performance and what he wanted in the movie, it would have satisfied his performing skill and how he wanted to be depicted in the movie, it would have satisfied the studio, the writers who wrote it, everybody — Ivan, me, Harold, we were all happy with it. Then when he said, “Absolutely not, I’m not in this,” we had to go and really rethink things.”

More timely details about Ghostbusters 3 coming soon…

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