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Abbie Cornish Smuggles Illegal Immigrants In 'The Girl' Trailer

Abbie Cornish stars in a new drama, The Girl, about a young single Texan mother who loses her own child to foster care and subsequently gets involved in her father’s business of smuggling illegal immigrants into America for money. In one failed trip across the border, nearly half of her “cargo” is washed away when she crosses a deep portion of the Rio Grande. She’s left with an 8-year old Mexican girl named Rosa (Santiago Moritza), who’s now separated from her mother because of the incident. Despite her father’s advice to “leave the girl and never look back,” Ashley looks back. Out of guilt and compassion Ashley decides to take the girl in and help Rosa find her missing mother all the while creating a bond with the young girl.

The Girl looks powerful and moving, broaching new and original subject matter. From the trailer, Cornish proves to be a believable distraught young mother always making terrible choices, even though she means well. The film’s creator, David Riker, was inspired after he made La Ciudad in 1998. He told The Hollywood Reporter, “I learned that the great unspoken truth about what it means to be an immigrant today is that you’re separated from your children and that’s not a political thing. That’s universal. That touches home.”

No matter your ethnicity, age, or stance on illegal immigrants in America, you can no doubt relate to the fear and heartbreak of potentially losing your mother or your child.

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