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'2016' Producer Says the Doc was Snubbed by Oscars Because of Politics

You gotta love right-wing filmmakers. Whenever they make a awful movie, they can just claim that the “liberal media” is spreading lies, and that their work is actually super-terrific, and would be making billions if only Big Hollywood weren’t suppressing them. And come Oscar season, there will be even more bellyaching of this nature. There’s not likely to be a better example this year than this story.

This past week, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released their shortlist of documentaries that will be competing for the nominations in the Best Documentary Feature category at the Oscars next year. Absent from those 15 films is 2016: Obama’s America, the faux-origin story for President Obama that explains how his experiences in his youth have shaped him into a someone who will totally destroy America, for sure. The film’s producer, Gerald Molen, himself already an Oscar winner (For Schindler’s List. I imagine he and Spielberg don’t get along too well anymore), is crying foul over this snub.

Said Molen: “The action confirms my opinion that the bias against anything from a conservative point of view is dead on arrival in Hollywood circles. The film’s outstanding success means that America went to see the documentary in spite of how Hollywood feels about it.” Yes, apparently the fact that the film was successful (it grossed more than the 15 films on the shortlist combined) means it deserves an Oscar. Because that’s how awards of merit should work. It doesn’t matter if your movie is terrible. The people have spoken, and the people clearly know what’s best. Then again… the people also voted Obama to be President again. So therefore, the movie must be wrong, and doesn’t deserve awards attention. Check and mate, Mr. Molen.


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  1. Brian says:

    A very flawed argument is presented by the writer here. So much so, that it almost appears as if he is trolling for conservative wrath to up his page views. For starters, he never really tells us why he believes the movie should not be contending for an Oscar (linking to RottenTomatoes doesn’t cut it). Of course this doesn’t stop him from concluding that the movie’s premise is far-fetched and overall message misguided. However, this has not prevented the academy for nominating other similarly thought provoking, but ultimately outrageous documentaries in the past. (see every Michael Moore Documentary Nomination – most of which I thoroughly enjoy). Next he scolds the producer and director of the film for arguing that the film’s success alone should garner some level of consideration from the Academy, as how could they say such things about an award so steeped in merit. Except Academy Awards have been bestowed upon many inferior films in the past (see Crash & Forrest Gump) and those are the films that won let alone be nominated.

    The point is if you don’t like the film, that’s great. But don’t try saying that the producer and the director of ‘2016’ have no basis for their argument. It reeks of partisanship and unnecessary disdain, two things the country does not need. Check and Mate Mr. Schindler, whoever you are.

    Oh and by the way you’re welcome for the page view.

  2. Tyler Foster says:

    It is easy to prove that the producers and director of 2016 have no basis for their argument. Convincing those who believe it that the facts are accurate is another story.

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