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Obama's America Overtakes Michael Moore Films To Become #2 Political Documentary

Dinesh D’Souza’s 2016: Obama’s America has grossed over $26.2M, passing three of Michael Moore’s top political documentaries to become the #2 highest-grossing political documentary film of all time.

Only one of Moore’s films was able to escape the surge of the right-wing documentary. Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11, which was a highly critical examination of President George W Bush’s first term, remained at the #1 spot with $119.1M.

Obama’s America probably has no chance of making even half that, but the film has out earned Moore’s Sicko (2007 – $24.5M), Oscar-winner Bowling For Columbine (2002 – $21.5M), and Capitalism: A Love Story (2009 – $14.3M). Al Gore’s  An Inconvenient Truth (2006 – $24.1M) also fell with the rise of Obama’s America, which also beat out Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (2008 – $7.7M) to become the #1 largest-grossing conservative political documentary ever.

2016: Obama’s America is based on conservative author Dinesh D’Souza’s 2010 best-selling book “The Roots Of Obama’s Rage.” The film initially opened in only one theater in Houston on July 13th, then expanded to over 2,000 locations since this past Friday. D’Souza co-directed the film with John Sullivan and it was produced by Academy Award winner Gerald R. Molen (co-producer of Schindler’s List).

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