Kim and Khloe Kardashian at Odds Over Weight?

Rumors have sparked that Kim Kardashian fears she is becoming the “ugly sister” and may even be at odds with Khloe over her recent weight loss for the X Factor show.

Although Kim Kardashian’s fame does depend on her body and good looks, allegations that she is upset with Khloe for losing weight seem like a stretch.

Sources claim that ever since Kim hooked up with her new boo Kanye West, he has been pushing her to enjoy life more – which means more ice cream cones and other fattening but delicious treats.

However, apparently the reality star is now feeling less attractive than her sisters and has even asked her fellow Kardashian clan members what it is they have been doing to make them sky rocket their gorgeous looks.

“Kim is used to being the sexy sister,” the source reportedly told Heat magazine. “Kanye loves her curvy, he’s the one getting her to enjoy life more… Kim is trying to drop the extra pounds. The fact that she has coincided with Khloe looking so great has upset her.”

The drama between sisters doesn’t seem likely, however, considering the fact that Kimmy K posted several pictures of her happily jogging along the beach with her sisters and tweeting about how excited she was to be losing weight with them.

Not to mention Kim will also have an advantage as being seen as the “sexy” sister since she (for now) is not married, doesn’t have kids, has the smallest waist with the biggest butt, and wears a lot less clothes than her two other sisters who have been keeping their own luscious curves covered up.

Even when Kourtney and Khloe were spotted enjoying the beach with Kourtney’s son Mason, the pair wore some loose fitted clothes that allowed them to be comfortable rather than a “sexy” bralet and a high-waisted almost see through pencil skirt.

Both sisters were relaxing and took the time to burry little Mason in the sand while camera crews continued to film for the reality spin off “Kourtney & Kim Take Miami.”

Kourtney and Scott Disick’s two-year old son was having a blast building sand castles until he finally decided that he wanted his mom and aunt to make a bit of sand castle out of him.

His mom, who has dropped a lot of the weight she gained after getting pregnant with daughter Penelope, was dressed in casual yet beachy coral shirt with loose fitting beige pants.

Khloe, who shows off her curves on every episode of the X Factor, opted out of the skin tight clothes this time and settled for loose fitting gray and black t-shirt with jeans with a faded star pattern on them.

If the rumors are true, however, about Kim feeling a little jealous of her sisters’ growing sex appeal, she can be thankful that younger sister Khloe has revealed the work out plan that gave her the perfect bod her X-Factor hosting gig.

“I’m working out consistently, three to five days a week,” Lamar Odom’s wife revealed last month. “I’m not where I want to be … but it’s a lifestyle change.”

She also admitted to giving up lots of sweets and just slowly changing her lifestyle to make it a healthier one. If she does crave sweets, she makes it a point to eat much less than she usually would.

Celebrity trainer Gunner Peterson was hired to help the 28-year-old shed some pounds and even he had to admire how serious she was about getting the job done and taking on whatever grueling workout he threw her way.

“Her intensity is unbelievable,” Peterson pointed out. “She’s there 20 minutes early and never stops for the entire 60 minutes.”

While Mason’s aunt is busy shedding some more weight, we have reason to believe that once again Kimmy K has bigger problems to think about than being jealous of her sisters’ weight loss.

She may not be becoming the “fat and ugly” sister, but when it comes to fans out in the Middle East she certainly is becoming the least likable of the three.

The reality star flew to Bahrain to celebrate the launch of a few Millions of Milkshakes, but the people of Bahrain – much like the people of Kuwait – weren’t too excited about having the sex tape star in their country.

The 32-year-old sparked several protests as citizens did their best to keep her outside of their borders, but all attempts failed.

The owner of the company seemed to ignore the protests as he took to Twitter saying, “WHAT PROTESTS?? Kim Kardashian loved by the people of Bahrain & wants to return!!!”

“What protests?” – the protests that have been reported by TMZ, CNN, ABC News and a multitude of other media outlets…. Those protests.

Either way it’s good to hear that there were indeed no tear gassings at the Millions of Milkshakes launch event as was anticipated.

Kim also blissfully ignored the protests going on in the country but took to Twitter to thank the country for having her – whether they wanted her or not.


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