Katt Williams Arrested Again

The madness continues as Katt Williams was arrested after a bar fight in which he threatened several bar patrons with a pool cue and hit a woman in the eye with a cigarette as she got into her car.

Just a few weeks after Katt Williams slapped a Target employee, he caused quite a scene at a Seattle bar on Sunday, December 2.

TMZ reported that the comedian got into a bar fight before threatening the bar’s manager with a pool cue.

The police reported that Katt “brandished a pool cue at a bar manager and refused to leave the business,” and when he finally did he threw a cigarette at a woman as he got into her car. The cigarette would usually be a harmless weapon had it not hit the woman in her eye.

As the lady and her family drove off, the 39-year-old troublemaker threw a rock at the car as well.

The “Friday After Next” star was then arrested and booked into King County Jail at 6:42 PM PT on charges of harassment, assault and obstructing police.

Lucky for the comedian and part time rapper, his tour manager Suge Knight bailed him out of jail the very next morning.

The arrest is only the latest incident in what appears to be nothing short of a Katt Williams meltdown, and possibly a cry for help.

The same day Katt slapped the Target employee, he also lead police on a high speed chase after hopping on a motorized trike and racing through an area with heavy foot traffic. Police were forced to call off the chase for safety reasons.

Before that, the funny man failed to show up for a comedy show and ended another show in a mere 10 minutes after a string of monologues led him to threaten to fight a heckler in the crowd. The pint sized comedian then got off the stage in an attempt to fight at least three audience members before his own security had to escort him away.

Since then one audience member has filed a class action lawsuit against Williams for his “non-performance” and is demanding that every single audience member get their money back.

Even more recently, the “Norbit” actor was involved in another altercation with fans on Friday evening after he claimed they had forced their way into his dressing room to take a photo with him. So far there isn’t any evidence to support the comedian’s claim.

This was the second time Katt was in jail in a matter of months as well. Back in October Katt Williams was arrested for allegedly pulling a gun on actor Faizon Love.

A source stated a few weeks ago that the comedian was having a run in with the wrong kinds of drugs, and although it seemed like a claim with no evidence at the time, Katt is starting to erase any doubts that drugs may be involved.

It seems like he is more than determined to continue to make headlines, even if they aren’t so good for his reputation.

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