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New Orleans Saints Bus Egged by Atlanta Airport Workers

The New Orleans Saints got a messy welcome at Hartsfield Jackson International airport on Wednesday night. One of the Saints charter buses was egged at the airport.

It all started with a tweet from Saints tight end Jimmy Graham. He tweeted, “Bus got egged after landing in ATL by the ramp workers. Classy! “RISE Up” smh.”

Another one came from the back-up QB Chase Daniel, “We start getting eggs thrown at us by airport workers! Guess they do hate us.”

The Falcons and Saints have always been rivals but some fans think the airport employees went too far with egging the Saints bus.

“I don’t think that’s right, we’ve got a little bit of class for that,” Falcons fan William Goodard said.

“It definitely went too far and I don’t want Atlanta to be represented like that. That’s a bad image on Atlanta as a whole, so it was not cool,” Falcons fan Sharon Jackson said.

Saints fans tailgating before the division game laughed it off.

“Falcons fans don’t know what to do with eggs. See we put crawfish and shrimp in our eggs,” Saints fan Carl Blouin said.

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