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Kim Kardashian Has Other Worries Than NeNe Leakes’ Veiled Diss

Kim Kardashian got dissed by NeNe Leakes, but with her trip to the Middle East approaching and her ongoing divorce case Kim definitely has other things to worry about.

After Nene snagged a spot on the cover of Ebony’s Power 100 issue listing some of the most influential African Americans, many people had a lot to say about Ebony’s decision to have the reality star on the cover.

Some spoke out against the photo of NeNe relaxing in a diamond filled bath tub which they found to be quite tacky.

Others felt like the Real Housewives of Atlanta star hadn’t earned the right to be featured on such an important issue of the magazine.

“Ebony magazine has lost any credibility that it once had,” one critic posted in a comment on Young, Black, and Fabulous.

Another comment on the site read, “Ebony couldn’t get ANYONE else on the cover???”

With so many critics attacking her cover, Leakes found it necessary to speak out against her haters – specifically African Americans.

“It’s true and I know you’ve heard it a million times, [African Americans] just don’t support one another,” Leakes said in an interview with The Daily Beast.

The New Normal actress found it even more annoying that not only did African American’s chose not to support her, but they seemed to show much more support for Kim Kardashian.

“But it’s OK for you to go pick up a magazine cover with Kim Kardashian,” she continued. “She’s my girl. We’re cool. We talk. We do drinks and all of that. But her story ain’t no different than mine. You know what I mean? I might’ve worked at the strip club, but she made a sex tape.”

The 44-year-old reality star turned actress defended her spot on the magazine saying, “I absolutely deserve to be on the cover… This cover is about money, power, and respect. And it’s about a come-up story and I’m the one that had that story this year…”

As much as she claims to be “cool” with Kimmy K, she definitely threw a lot of shade on her name, but it seems like the Keeping Up With the Kardashian star has much bigger problems on her hands.

Kanye’s new boo is scheduled to make a visit to the Middle East for a store launch, but the people of Bahrain aren’t welcoming the starlet with open arms.

She is currently in Kuwait and will depart to Bahrain for the launch of several Millions of Milkshakes franchises.

Needless to say, Kim’s lifestyle and reason for fame goes against what the very religious community believes in.

Her sex tape with former lover Ray J and her incredibly short marriage to Kris Humphries has the communities in both Kuwait and Bahrain wishing that she would skip this publicity tour.

“Her values clash with our traditions as a religiously committed people,” said Mohammad Al Tatabai, a preacher in Kuwait. “Her visit could spread vice among our youth.”

Bahrain sought out legal action to keep the reality star outside of their borders, but their attempts failed.

“Let me be clear here, I really hate judging people, and I do respect everybody’s business when it comes to their private life, but when it is someone like Kim Kardashian – who is only known for her obscene movie, voluptuous derriere and fake reality TV show that shows nothing but low morals and a lot of plastic surgery – then I have a problem,” said Sahar Moussa, a columnist for The Kuwait Times.

To make matters worse, Kimmy K was already trying to do some damage control after many of her followers didn’t take her tweet in support of the people of Israel too well.

Just a few days after posting the tweet, in which she sent out her prayers to the people of Israel, she posted a public apology letting people know that her prayers are for the innocent people who don’t deserve to be stuck in the slew of violence.

“The fact is that regardless of religion and political beliefs, there are countless innocent people involved who didn’t choose this,” she explained. “…and I pray for all of them and ask for a resolution.”

The final blow for the people in the Middle East was the ridiculous price of tickets to go see the middle sister of the Kardashian clan.

Tickets cost 500 Bahraini dinar which is more than most people in the region make in an entire month.

As if her foreign affairs weren’t troubled enough, her love affairs aren’t working out much better.

Despite the fact that she has been by Kanye’s side nonstop lately, she is technically still “handcuffed” to her ex husband.

The divorce process has been moving along incredibly slow with Kris Jenner and Kanye West deposed by Humphries’ attorney. Kardashian’s attorney said the reality star is “now handcuffed to Mr. Humphries.”


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