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Kanye West Deposed In Kim Kardashian Divorce Case

Kanye West is merely the latest figure to be deposed in girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s ongoing divorce battle with husband Kris Humphries.

Humphries, a player for the Brooklyn Nets, has already deposed Kardashian’s mother and manager Kris Jenner. West’s deposition is just the latest attempt from Humphries’s attorneys to prove he was the victim of fraud.

While Kardashian sought a traditional divorce when she  filed  more than a year ago, Humphries is requesting an annulment, claiming the marriage was based on fraud. The pair were married for 72 days following a star-studded televised wedding.

In a statement to the Associated Press, Humphries’s attorney Marshall Waller said he needed to be sure he had documents from E! Entertainment and NBC Universal before deciding the scope of his case, but that he was narrowing it down.

Kim Kardashian’s divorce attorney, the famed Laura Wasser,  told a judge Wednesday that the reality star  is “handcuffed” to her estranged husband because his case is not yet ready for trial.

It hasn’t been a great week for Humphries, who was thrown out of a basketball game last night after a court brawl with Boston Celtics player Rajon Rondo. Rondo’s teammate Kevin Garnett took a hard foul from Humphries when he drove baseline. Garnett was airborne when Humphries knocked him to the floor. As Garnett complained to the referee, the 6 foot 2 Rondo, without hesitation,  confronted the 6-foot-9 Humphries and pushed him.  The referees ejected both Humphries and Rondo from the game.

Kardashian hasn’t exactly had an easy fall either. Her relationship with West has been full of controversy, even before he was deposed. In October, Kardashian and West faced rumors of a second sex tape. The Daily Star reported that a second tape was currently being shopped for $30 million dollars. The original tape (featuring Kardashian’s ex Ray J), which leaked in 2007, has been called the launching pad for Kim’s career.

Kardashian, along with sisters Kourtney and Khloe is also facing a lawsuit against the Kardashian makeup line, Khroma. The lawsuit was filed by another LA makeup line called “Kroma” and disputes the Kardashian line’s patent.

Attorneys for Kardashian and Humphries are set to return to court in mid-February 2013  to set a trial date.

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