Bobbi Kristina Brown Crashes Camaro, Ex Nick Gordon Arrested

Bobbi Kristina Brown was involved in yet another crash while her adopted brother and ex boyfriend Nick Gordon was arrested for reckless driving.

Bobbi Kristina was able to walk away from the crash with no scratches, but the same couldn’t be said for her Chevrolet Camaro.

The 19-year-old was driving in Alpharetta, Georgia on Wednesday when it is believed she lost control of the vehicle sending her over the curb and down a steep embankment. Her car mangled several trees before finally coming to a stop on a public trail.

TMZ reports that Whitney Houston’s daughter received a traffic citation for “failure to maintain lane,” but the good news is that they don’t believe drugs or alcohol were involved in the accident.

A little more than two months ago, Bobbi was involved in another car accident with her then alleged boyfriend Nick Gordon behind the wheel.

The couple was arguing at the time of the accident back in September which demolished the front end of Gordon’s 2012 Camaro.

Once again, nobody was injured in the accident suggesting that there is some validity behind her tweets of her mother being her guardian angel and keeping her safe.

“My #PersonalGuardianAngel – thankumom,” the teenage reality star tweeted after her most recent car accident. “NotAScratch&ok – Wow, Praise God.”

Bobby Brown’s daughter had yet another incident earlier this month when she accidentally hit Gordon’s car with her own vehicle, which was brand new since he had to purchase another car after totaling his first Camaro.

Supposedly Whitney’s daughter was backing into the garage when she reversed right into the front of her brother turned lover’s brand new car.

Since then it seems like Nick and Bobbi have gone their separate ways, although it isn’t for certain if the breakup prompted the car accident.

“@REALbkBrown and I are not engaged or dating,” Whitney Houston’s adopted son tweeted. “Just close like we have always been.”

Brown didn’t seem to take the separation as well as her tweets revealed just how betrayed she felt.

“Who do I trust in this world? Pfft well that’s easy beezie, #Myself,” she tweeted after they called it quits.

Nick has other things to worry about other than trying to work on his relationship with Bobbi, however, as he was just arrested after driving recklessly through a heavily populated area.

According to TMZ, hours after Bobbi wrecked her car police pulled over her ex after going 82 in a 35 on Northpoint Parkway. The area is known to have a lot of pedestrians and the police are thankful that nobody was hurt.

“We are fortunate because that’s such a busy corridor with high end retail shopping restaurants and pedestrians at crosswalks,” one police officer told the gossip site.

Looks like neither of the love birds need to get behind the wheel again any time soon.


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