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Kourtney Kardashian Ignores Rumors She Dissed Kim K's Ex Reggie Bush

Kourtney Kardashian was busy enjoying a day at the beach showing off her weight loss with beau Scott Disick and their two kids. Meanwhile, Kanye West took his relationship to Kim Kardashian to the next level when he invited her to visit his mother’s grave and even introduced her to his family. In the midst of it all, new rumors surfaced that Kim’s older sister still has a sour taste in her mouth for Reggie Bush.

Kourtney Kardashian has been working hard to lose her post baby weight after giving birth to daughter Penelope, but the mommy of two is still continued to shield her weight loss with flowy tops and loose pants.

Kim has tweeted several photos jogging along the beach with her older sister, and Scott’s girlfriend even admitted she has changed her eating habits after giving birth to Penelope back in July.

Despite dropping over 45 pounds since her daughter’s birth, she hasn’t been quick to flaunt her slimming body the way her young sister has. While Kim has been busy tweeting several post-workout pictures, the 33-year-old reality star has been hiding her slender frame behind loose garments.

When she hit the beach with her family on Monday she rocked a loose fitting white t-shirt, and some trendy loose fitting navy blue crochet pants.

She even opted for a loose fitting halter top and flare out pants during a lunch date with her baby daddy last month.

Scott’s beach fashion choices were also headline worthy as the father of two sported an eyepatch with the initials “LD” on it, which we’re pretty sure stands for the reality star’s self given moniker “Lord Disick.”

Even daughter Penelope got in on the fashion trends, wearing the same turban look that her celeb mommy wore with the intentions of embarrassing Scott just a few weeks ago.

The turban wrapped around Penelope’s head didn’t quite match her orange print romper, but with those adorable cheeks and big eyes the clashing ensemble still looked adorable on her.

While Kourtney K and Scott were having quality time with their family on the beach, sister Kim Kardashian finally went to go meet her boo Kanye West’s family and even visited his mother’s grave.

Kanye has been extremely private about his mother’s death and in several songs claimed to have gone through “deep depression” when his mother passed. Despite how personal the memories are to Mr. West he proved that Kim isn’t just a publicity stunt to him by taking her to visit his mother’s grave.

Donda West passed away 5 years ago after complications with plastic surgery, and Mr. West is finally opening up about it with his reality star girlfriend.

After the 35-year-old rapper spent Thanksgiving with the Kardashians, he decided it was time for the 32-year-old socialite to spend some time with his family in Oklahoma City.

Needless to say, the pair kept the trip very low key in order to have privacy during such an intimate trip and only stayed in Donda’s hometown for two days.

“Kanye brought Kim to Oklahoma City the day after Thanksgiving to pay respects to his mother and to meet his mother’s side of the family,” a source told Radar Online. “This was her first time meeting them.”

The media has been questioning if Jay-Z’s best pal was really serious about his relationship with Kourtney’s younger sister, but according to the insider this is no game for Mr. West.

“This was a really monumental moment for Kanye because he adored his mother,” the source added. “He wouldn’t have brought Kim there unless he was completely in love with her.”

Looks like that line about seeing his girlfriend in a white dress wasn’t just for some good wordplay.

Kourtney is probably more than happy to see things getting serious between the pair, especially considering the recent rumor that she still has not forgiven Kim’s ex Reggie Bush for not wanting to marry her.

During an outing with Scott earlier this week the couple was waiting to be seated at a Miami restaurant when they discovered that Bush was sitting just a few feet away.

An alleged witness at the restaurant claimed that the reality star openly showed her disgust as she told the waitress, “I am not sitting near him.”

The waitress quickly obliged and sat the couple on the other side of the restaurant.



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