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Jordan Russell Davis: Death Of Another Unarmed Black Teenager

Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law Back In The News With Shooting Death Of Another Unarmed Black Teenager, Jordan Russell Davis

Florida’s controversial ‘Stand Your Ground’ law is back on the national stage after the murder of yet another unarmed, black teenager in the parking lot of a Jacksonville, Florida gas station last Friday.

In a tragedy eerily similar to the Trayvon Martin earlier this year that outraged the nation, Michael Dunn remains in a Jacksonville jail after shooting 17-year-old Jordan Russell Davis to death following an argument over loud music.

Dunn, a white man who was in town with his girlfriend to attend his son’s wedding, was in his own car when he pulled up alongside the SUV in which the teenagers were sitting and asked them to turn their music down. After an exchange of words, he fired between eight and nine shots at the vehicle, several of which hit Davis to cause his death.

Dunn drove away from the scene following the shooting.

“He just reached in his glove compartment and started shooting rounds, just unloading the gun in the car and from my understanding, he was really aiming first and foremost towards Jordan, but he continued to just shoot all the rounds,” said Davis’ mother, Lucia McBath.

Dunn says he fled the scene because he feared the teenagers had called some of their friends to come help them.

Investigators say the teens had no weapons, while McBath said childproof locks prevented her son from getting out.

“I just knew someone had shot him, but I didn’t know why,” she said. “Then when I found out it was just over loud music I couldn’t understand. Over loud music. You don’t like their music then so what. It’s just music and they are kids, they are teenagers and they all play their music loud. But that’s no reason to shoot, no reason to kill anyone,” she said.

McBath called Dunn’s decision to flee the scene “unconscionable.”

Dunn was arrested on Saturday and is being held without bail after being charged with murder and attempted murder. His lawyer said that her client acted “responsibly and in self-defense.”

During a telephone interview with a local TV station, Dunn’s daughter Rebecca defended her father, saying he was responding to a threat and did not intend to kill anyone.

“He got threatened and had to do what he had to do, and it’s sad, so sad,” Rebecca Dunn said. “A terrible tragedy on both sides. It really is. I don’t know. What are you going to do in that situation? You don’t know what you are going to do. He just reacted.”

Dunn’s self-defense claim falls under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, which was the same claim used in the defense of George Zimmerman, the man accused of murdering 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in February.

Zimmerman is awaiting trial.

Jordan, who was a student at Samuel W. Wolfson High School, a magnet school in Duval County, will be buried in his hometown of Marietta, Ga. He is survived by his parents and a brother.

Florida corporate records show Dunn is vice president of Dunn & Dunn Data Systems in Vero Beach.

Davis’ family family plans to start a foundation in his honor for at-risk youth who have been the victims of tragedy.

McBath says she still can’t make sense of her son’s death, but said she doesn’t consider it a hate crime.

“We don’t know where he was or what kind of dark place he was in at that moment, but something snapped in that man,” she said. “Something snapped in him, so we are not looking at it as the hate crime because that’s not going to honor Jordan.”

Florida is among 24 states to have “Stand Your Ground” laws on the books that deem a person justified in the use of deadly force if feeling threatened. In Florida, once self-defense is invoked, the burden is on the prosecution to disprove the claim.

George Zimmerman Verdict Provides Blueprint for Legal Slaying of Black Men

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30 thoughts on “Jordan Russell Davis: Death Of Another Unarmed Black Teenager

  1. Anonymous says:

    I would bet anything that Fox News and Friends will side with the white guy. Sean Hannity cannot wait to chum up with the killer.

  2. Tenisha Lee says:

    this is absolutely horrible.

  3. Karen Kaci Cade says:

    Ugh! This is a hate crime clear as anything! That man is hateful and mean, after firing is gun he went home like nothing ever happened. He could of just rolled his windows up and waited patiently for his girlfriend to come out the store or just went inside…There is no justification for his actions to kill, it was out of pure hate!

  4. Joe Kelsall says:

    I repeat: Florida still thinks it is a slave owning state. How long was the music going to annoy him? Why did he presume they would comply with his request? Why should they? If this was a black on White assassination it would be Worldwide news.

  5. Karen Kaci Cade says:

    From reading the parents remarks, they sound so broken spirit, like let it go and let God! Anyone who is a man woman of God knows this killing was the works of the devil! This Michael David Dunn guy was full of envious ugly hate in his heart, out looking for trouble…His characteristics tells it all…He had a gun in his possession, he is a collector of guns, and anyone who feeds on such things is evil I don't care what color you are what matters is what's in your heart…Guns are deadly…I don't believe in SYG laws get a Mastiff or a pit bull or any kind of viciously attacking dog in your home..Guns should not be permitted to carry unless you are a law enforcer…


  7. Karen Kaci says:

    I just watch the video of the mother telling her child's story…A good kid…The mom was bed ridden when she was pregnant with her son, also she is a breast cancer survivor…I broke down in tears as I watched the video. that man is a bully a evil cold hearted murderer, just like that George Zimmerman both of them will burn in hell for killing those babies…

  8. Joe Kelsall says:

    Let it go?? That's how these trigger happy cretins get their kicks. This needs pursuing to the full penalty of the law.

  9. The only thing that gets on MY nerves, this man's lawyer and daughter say he was THREATENED. Really. I walk past tons of people playing loud music, walking to and from class. Is that threatening? No. I see lots of people socializing loudly in groups. Does that threaten me? No. Every day, I meet someone new, or look toward someone I know, who seems loud but they tone it down. Again, am I threatened? NO.

    I'm not precisely sure how badly music affects certain individuals, but it's NOT worth killing someone over. It's almost depressing how full of crap some people are now. I get annoyed at plenty of things, still no reason to go and shoot people up. Only difference between this article and myself, he's more than likely going to get off because of his name, and I'd remain behind bars due to my skin color.

  10. Joe Kelsall says:

    Black people hold the key to political power in Florida. It's payback time: The ballot or the bullet. Get out and vote to change this crazy law. It is proven to be a licence to kill.

  11. Yolonda Crawford-Toney says:

    Thanks for this post Joe. Please people get out and vote. Please…lives depend on it.

  12. His daughter is to a idiot his lawyer is slow and the stand yo grind law is over rated and over used another brother dead when will it stop

  13. Im sick of this shit

  14. Sonia Johnson says:

    God help us…

  15. Sisi Kitty Linton says:

    Dunn says he fled the scene because he feared the teenagers had called some of their friends to come help them. What are they…drug lords? His lawyer said that her client acted “responsibly and in self-defense.” But Mr Reddish punching out a drunk and hostile guy was thuggish…Seriously America, I have no idea what to say anymore.

  16. If he really felt threatened why didn't he drive away instead of reaching in a closed glove box. Wouldn't he be afraid that they would attack during that time. I personally won't sit there and watch you go for a weapon if I'm already threatening your life. This was a clear cut execution.


  18. This is just a law that was put in place to kill people of color.such a darn shame.

  19. Wall Crissy says:

    now this is some hateful shit all he had to do was pull off he did not have to kill now is this person still locked up or what.

  20. They need to take that "stand your grown law" crap out. That mess won't fly in Texas!

  21. put out a bounty on all those murderers……….take a stand……..lets see how things will change…….

  22. Jamal Wilson says:

    this will be another not guilty another sad case its crazy.

  23. Bijoya Vicki Ganguly says:

    Wtf. Seriously, WTF!

  24. Debbie Hill says:

    I was tryna repost but since its not a share icon it won't let me

  25. Debbie Hill says:

    Can u tag it to my page

  26. Sorry young brother but Texas is one of the 24 states that the "stand your ground law" does exist.

  27. Let me tell you about Texas. You can shoot someone who is running away from you in the back… and still use "Stand Your Ground". There is an actual case. They call it the "Make My Day" law down there.

  28. How many more of our young men have to be killed because of Florua dum ass law, the oniy the only thing you are doing is giving s white man the right to go around killing kids because that is what they are kids you have to draw the line some where

  29. What a piece of shit Michael Dunn is ! It’s amazing how so many of these sick white f**ks all think exactly alike. The argument always goes something like this: “I’m not racist at all i even have a black friend BUT…” And then “blah blah blah… Self-defense… Blah blah…black ppl are racist too… Blah blah… there’s black-on-black crime… Blah blah.. Poor me I’m white … Blah blah..” Etc. etc.

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