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Karrueche Tran Hurt By Chris Brown, Rihanna Topless Photos?

The Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown, and Rihanna love triangle still continues and Rihanna heated things up after she tweeted a photo of Chris Brown in her bed with no shirt on.

RiRi and her ex spent Thanksgiving partying it up in Germany for Brown’s Carpe Diem tour, and apparently the rough night ended in Rihanna’s bed. The Bajan beauty tweeted the photo of her former lover still passed out in her bed with no shirt, but a blue beanie one with his pants sagging rather low.

Although we aren’t sure how Chris’s girlfriend of almost two years felt about the pic, she did actually click on the “like” button of the photo. Shortly after rumors sparked that Tran had quite a few choice words to say about the rekindled lovers.

“Ike & Tina can have each other LMFAO,” tons of Twitter users retweeted the message that was supposedly tweeted by Tran, but so far nobody has any real proof.

If she did make the tweet, she decided to delete it soon after posting it.

To add a little more sting to the topless Chris Brown pic, RiRi then tweeted a pic of herself topless only adding to the rumors that the photos were the after pics of some steamy bedroom antics.

The “Diamonds” singer posted the black and white photo on Sunday, just a day after posting the pic of Brown on her bed.

She has on nothing more than some hot pants, thigh high socks, and sneakers in the pic as she looks over her shoulder with a rather sensual facial expression.

Along with the pic she tweeted the caption “#LondonNightLife.

The pics weren’t the only thing that sparked a Twitter feud. The real war happened between Breezy and comedic writer Jenny Johnson.

After the R&B bad boy tweeted that he looked old despite the fact that he is only 23, Jenny responded by tweeting, “I know! Being a worthless piece of sh*t can really age a person.”

Immediately after making the comment, the “Don’t Judge Me” crooner responded with some rather immature come backs – not that Jenny’s comment was very mature to begin with.

After the argument ensued via Twitter, with the “Don’t Wake Me Up” singer making several references to his “manhood,” Team Breezy pitched in and began threatening Johnson for attacking him in the first place.

Once again, it seems like Brown couldn’t handle the drama so after he tweeted about how immature society is – yes he did decide to call everyone else immature after he made several penis jokes – he suspended his Twitter account to escape the heat.

Meanwhile, Karrueche still has shown little signs of realizing that she should give up the fight over the Virginia player and still made it a point to go support him at the AMAs.

Although he decided to take his mom as his date, that didn’t mean he didn’t have one of his girlfriends near by. Tran was reportedly at the show but did her best to keep a low profile, but she forgot that everybody talks in Hollywood.

“Quiet as it’s kept, Karrueche was there,” an insider told Hollywood Life. “She kept a low profile and was backstage not trying to be all in front of the cameras or with Chris…”

She may not have been right by his side, but coming out to the show to support her ex is enough reason to believe that feelings are definitely still there. On the other hand, perhaps she is returning the favor after Breezy endorsed her mysterious brand “The-Kill” by rocking a t-shirt with the name on it.

The source claims that Tran went just to have some fun and kept her distance out of respect for the fact that he was with his mother, but we have reason to believe that his mother isn’t interested in meeting one of her son’s flings even if Karr did want to approach her former lover.

Either way, the love triangle that we all just knew would work itself out eventually seems to be a never ending story. We’ll probably be back next week (or tomorrow) with more developments on the clueless love birds.


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