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Halle Berry Seeks Restraining Order Against Gabriel Aubry

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time for fun, food and family. However, at Halle Berry’s home this year there was a Thanksgiving brawl between her ex Gabriel Aubry and fiance Olivier Martinez; presumably over the ongoing custody battle over which continent Berry’s and Aubry’s daughter will call home. Now, the 2001 Academy Award winner is reportedly seeking a restraining order against her model ex stemming from his involvement in the Thanksgiving day fist-flying festivities.

Berry is seeking a restraining order from her ex not only because of the fight, but because she alleges he started that fight in front of their 4-year old daughter Nahla. She believes he may be a danger to their daughter and she’s taking no chances. The emergency order of protection slapped on Aubry after the fight expires this coming Tuesday. Halle is requesting a more permanent order of protection.

The real question is why would Gabriel attack Olivier and risk his custody agreement with Halle. It’s been a very public and nasty battle with his ex over their daughter; with both sides accusing the other of bad character. Throughout the two years since the custody woes began, the actress has made numerous allegations about Aubry’s alleged temper issues. However, just earlier this month a judge denied Berry’s request to move Nahla to France; the home of her fiance Martinez. Presumably, that was a victory for Aubry…so why the need for violence? It’s been reported that Martinez addressed Aubry on Thanksgiving, urging him to work with the couple on custody arrangements. If the mere suggestion of cooperation is what set off Aubry, then it’s easy to see why Ms. Berry would request a restraining order against him.

As this drama unfolds, the real loser here is the daughter the one-time couple shares. Nahla Aubry is only four, but her parents have been fighting over her for at least half her life at this point. While Berry seems happy in her new relationship, the fact remains that her daughter’s father has a right to see her. However, an order of protection is definitely a game-changer and may result in the model losing more than just his pride over the Thanksgiving day brawl.

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