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Charlie Sheen Pays Lindsay Lohan's Taxes

In an apparent streak of generosity, Charlie Sheen has helped pay Lindsay Lohan’s back taxes, according to TMZ.

Sheen, Lohan’s Scary Movie 5 costar, reportedly gave the actress $100,000 to help cover her debt to the IRS, which TMZ estimates at $233,904. Sheen allegedly offered the money to Lohan earlier in the fall, but she refused.

The actor reportedly then sent the check to Lohan’s business manager, who swiftly applied the money to the tax bill.

Per the usual, 2012 has been a rocky year for Lohan, full of legal bills, new publicists and scant income. She did have a few acting gigs, though, including the much hyped Lifetime movie, Liz & Dick, which aired last night. In the film, Lohan plays iconic actress Elizabeth Taylor, during the height of her stormy relationship to Richard Burton.

A few weeks ago, Liz & Dick producer Larry A. Thompson claimed working with Lohan is “not for the faint of heart,” but stood by his choice to cast her. Lohan’s maelstrom of legal and personal roles overshadowed legitimate press for the film—serving as perhaps Lohan’s only true commonality with Taylor.

Indeed, the use of the term “paparazzi” to describe overzealous photojournalists first became commonplace during the zenith of Taylor’s relationship to Burton. Taylor was the original hounded celebrity, and Lohan does play those scenes convincingly.

Yet, Lohan is still not Taylor’s heir in terms of craft—a truth that undermines Liz & Dick at every turn.

Lohan can be fiery and stormy, like Taylor in one of her many screaming matches with Burton, yet she fails to find any nuance within her portrayal. Softer and sadder moments, such as Taylor’s suicide attempt, are woefully overacted.

The made-for-tv production and vapid dialogue certainly do not help, as Lohan is not given much to work with in terms of the script. At the end of the day, Liz & Dick is a Lifetime movie.  Taylor and Burton deserve a better stage, but Lohan certainly wouldn’t have been cast on one.

Liz & Dick is a cheap thrill at best. But hopefully, Lohan did save a bit of her salary to finish paying the IRS.

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