Is Rita Ora Jacking Rihanna’s Swag?

Uh oh. Rihanna thinks Rita Ora is jacking her swag!

The sun (via SugarScape) reports that Rihanna was none too pleased with Ora’s 2012 MTV EMAs ensembles, nor with her performance. RiRi reportedly thought that Ora’s lacy crimson number was a little too similar to her own burgundy gown from the 2010 American Music Awards.

“Rihanna was furious when she spotted Rita Ora’s dress for the VMAs, a rose gown that looked like one she wore in 2010,” a source said. But the offenses apparently didn’t stop there. The source added, “She was even more annoyed when Rita went on stage using an umbrella as a prop.”

To be fair to Rita, her dress had a full skirt (as opposed to RiRi’s more fitted bottom half) and was a brighter hue than Rihanna’s. Additionally, a lot of people used umbrellas onstage before and after Rihanna did. In fact, we bet Gene Kelly has much more of a reason to be annoyed by any and all of this.

“When Rita started her career, Rihanna thought it was cute that she was copying her look,” the bean spiller added. “But now she’s getting p—ed off, especially as Rita is getting a following by using her old tricks.” Sounds a little iffy to us — Rita Ora’s style has been pretty consistent since she hit the scene, and it was actually rumored that Rihanna was stealing Ora’s signature blond curly hair style as a means to sabotage the ‘Shine Ya Light’ singer.

Both artists are proteges of Jay-Z, who reportedly may be called in to intervene if things get too ugly.

Source: Pop Crush


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