Halle Berry’s Thanksgiving Ruined by Fight Between Baby Father, Fiancé

Halle Berry had a rough Thanksgiving after her ex, Gabriel Aubry, got into a fight with Berry’s fiancé, Olivier Martinez, which landed both men in the hospital.

The fight happened outside Halle’s home when Gabriel was dropping off Nahla. During the custodial hand-off, Olivier allegedly approached Gabriel telling him, “We have to move on.”

The details of what happened immediately after this phrase was uttered are still blurry, but eventually it led to Nahla’s dad pushing Berry’s fiancé and threw a punch towards the actor’s face.

Unfortunately, for Halle’s 36-year-old former lover, Olivier Martinez was able to block the punch. After being pushed to the ground, Martinez seemed to have enough of the assault and finally delivered a powerful punch directly to the French models’ face which may have knocked him out cold.

According to TMZ, Aubry received a broken rib, contusions on his face, and possibly a more serious head injury.

Even L.A police admitted to the ABC News radio station KABC that Martinez definitely “gave back more than Gabriel dished out.”

Martinez walked away from the fight with nothing more than some scratches and swelling on his hand, and neck pains.

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