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Paris Hilton and Lil' Wayne Release Collaboration, "Last Night"

In perhaps the oddest collaboration released this week, Lil’ Wayne and Paris Hilton have teamed up for “Last Night,” a track Hilton hopes will go on her next album.

The song is a predictable electronica-tinged offering, with severely auto-tuned vocals and a refrain of “I can’t believe what we did last night,” which could be the mantra of Hilton’s career. Weezy’s rap is entertaining, but short.

The accompanying video looks straight up 2004 with Hilton dancing in Vegas clad in a glitzy mini-dress. Partying partner-in-crime, sister Nicki, even makes an appearance. The Vegas shots are juxtaposed with footage of Hilton washing a car in a bikini.

At its core, “Last Night” is a means for Hilton to claw her way back to relevance in the wake of the Kardashian pop culture bomb. Kim Kardashian used to be Hilton’s childhood friend and wardrobe assistant. The two also shared similar sex tape controversies and were an LA nightlife fixture together in the mid 2000s.

Now, Kardashian is dating Kayne West and the face of a multimillion dollar business empire, while Hilton likely paid Weezy from a trust fund.

Hilton is certainly no stranger to controversy though. Just this week, the hotel heiress made headlines for opening a handbag and accessories store in Mecca, Saudi Arabia’s holy city.  The former Simple Life star tweeted bubbly comments and photos of the store, which is located in the Mecca Mall near the Grand Mosque.

Some critics argued Hilton’s scandalous history is not in keeping with the reverent tone of the religious center. “Saudi claim[s] there are other ways to allow for pilgrims, and if religiosity is of such importance, why is Paris Hilton being allowed a store in Mecca?” complained one Twitter user.

This is surprisingly Hilton’s fifth store to launch in Saudi Arabia, and her 42nd globally.  Most of the stores have opened internationally, strategically out of Kardashian territory. Yet, rather than rebrand herself an international business woman, Hilton continues to present herself as a celebutante with efforts such as “Last Night.”  That strategy might have worked in 2004, but her whole act now just seems dated.

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