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Jeremy Lin Enjoying Life Away From N.Y. Spotlight

The shine in Houston is far less bright than in New York, and Jeremy Lin appreciates that more than most.

Away from the Knicks and the prying media, Lin said he is actually enjoying his first NBA season as a full-time starter in Houston with the Rockets. Much is still expected of him – and recently acquired guard James Harden – but it is much less daunting.

“It’s really, really low-key,” Lin said to the New York Times. “And it’s really peaceful. When I walk around, I don’t wear a hat or glasses or anything — unless I want to.

“I think the beautiful thing about this opportunity is there’s less of a spotlight,” Lin said. “There’s room to grow, room to improve, growing pains, things like that — the stuff that has to happen with each player.”

Lin is averaging 10.8 points per game but on just 34.3 percent shooting. He is handing out with 7.3 assists. He still gets most of his offense as the pick-and-roll ball handler but is shooting just 38.7 percent in that role this season (according to Synergy Sports). He had a PER of 19.9 last season, that is down to a below average 13.8 this season.

In New York, Lin’s every move – and misstep – would have been documented in sensational fashion. Not so much in Houston.

So, whatever the reason was for him to not resign with the Knicks – wanting to start fresh or N.Y. not want to pay the asking price – Lin said he realizes he is in the right place, a place where expectations exist but not unrealistically so.

“I’ve only started 30-something games in three years in my whole career. There’s a lot of sophomores out there with more experience than me. I’m going to have to go through a lot to get better.”


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