‘Snoop Lion’ Considering Buying Shares in Glasgow Celtic

Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr., better known as rapper Snoop Dogg before changing his name to Snoop Lion earlier this year, is considering buying shares of the Glasgow Celtic soccer team, according to the Daily Record.

Snoop’s financial interest began to grow after watching highlights of the Celtic beat Barcelona 2-1 earlier this month in Champions League play. The Celtic’s win illustrated to the rapper that the team is “a big deal” and that their fans really admire the club, which he likes.

“I see how passionate Celtic fans are about their team and I could see myself making an investment if any of the board wanted to sell,” Snoop told the newspaper.

The Celtic’s are currently worth $38.4 million, but Snoop said he is unclear of how much he would be willing to invest. He is willing to purchase a big enough percentage that will allow for his voice to be heard.

Celtic manager Neil Lennon joked Monday that he would be open to Snoop investing in the club as long as he was invited to one of the rapper’s parties.

“It would be interesting if he did put money in,” Lennon told the newspaper. “As long as I got invited one of his parties, it would be OK.”

Snoop is a well documented sports fanatic. He has been a regular at Los Angeles Lakers games. And just as much as he loves basketball, he said he has a passion for soccer.

He is currently the official spokesmen for EA Sports’ “FIFA 13” video game.

Before inquiring into the Celtic, Snoop asked his celebrity soccer pal David Beckham about the club. He went as far as saying that he would attempt to lure Beckham away from the Los Angeles Galaxy if he were able to buy stake in the team.

“I asked my man David about Celtic and he was like, ‘Yeah, teams don’t come much bigger.’ I would try and sign him up for a season, but he is pretty happy over here,” Snoop said.

Late last week reports surfaced that Beckham’s management had begun preliminary talks with the Australian League for the star to join after his season is up in Major League Soccer. Beckham’s management denied the reports and said he was focused on winning another MLS Championship with the Galaxy.

But Snoop left the door open that Beckham could possibly change his mind and take his talents across the Atlantic again.

“L.A.is home for him and his family now — but I would have to at least make that offer to my boy. We have lunch when we can, so next time, you know, I am going to speak to him about it. Never say never,” he told the Record.

The 41-year-old rapper, who was once banned from the United Kingdom due to a series of drugs and firearms offences, has even started considering looking at homes in the area.

“When I am away, I like to stay in hotels and have people look after me,” he said. “But if I had investment in Celtic, that’s a different story. Maybe I would look for a crib over there.”

He is scheduled to be back in the UK next year, possibly by that time he will have some stake in the team.

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