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NeNe Leakes is 'In', while Anderson Cooper is 'Out'

NeNe Leakes has arrived indeed. The Glee guest-star has several successful projects going; including starring in the NBC comedy, The New Normal and returning to the show that kicked it off for her, The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Soon, NeNe will be able to add guest co-host of the Anderson Cooper show to the list of her accomplishments as well. We know how much she loves her some Anderson Cooper (who NeNe refers to as her “boo”), but unfortunately for the reality star he will be on assignment in Israel and will be co-hosting via satellite. However, it’s a safe bet that the mere sight of him on screen will be enough to encourage NeNe to spark up their lively brand of flirtatious banter, making her co-host debut a hit.

In addition to her career kicking into high gear, her love life is in overdrive as well. Fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta watched as the relationship between NeNe and ex-husband Gregg evolved over the last few seasons. They seemed like one of the more stable reality TV couples so it came as a surprise to many when their union eventually dissolved during the last ‘Housewives’ season. But relationship between the pair this season has fans starting to wonder whether Gregg and NeNe have decided to work things out and start over. Indeed, that seems to be the case. Let Mr. Leakes tell it, “I fought to get my family back, and that’s what I did with the help of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

During the last season of the ‘Housewives’, there was much speculation about why the couple actually divorced. Some reports linked their split to soured finances or alleged infidelity; and some even attributed NeNe’s rise in stardom as the reason for their downfall. The couple has remained vague about the reasons behind their divorce, but the ‘New Normal’ star as offered telling information in recent interviews, saying: “It hurt me to file for divorce, but I had to see it through…Gregg needed to feel what it was like without me. I wanted to let him see if the grass was really greener on the other side. He brought his a** back, because the grass is very brown over there.”

Is the couple ‘officially’ back on? According to recent Ebony cover girl Leakes, “Not only have we divorced, but we are back together as a couple. This is our new normal.”

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