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Bedlam Erupts on Rihanna Flight for 777 World Tour

Rihanna’s flight erupted in bedlam and chaos as the 150 fans and journalists she invited to accompany her on the 777 world tour became restless and unsatisfied with the amount of time they were able to spend with the singer.

Rihanna has been known to avoid media attention as much as possible and she generally doesn’t take too kindly to reporters and photogs so it was a big surprising to hear that she invited 150 of them on board with her for the tour.

A quick skim through most of the blog posts and tweets by these journalists, however, would expose that perhaps this RiRi’s cleverly thought out way of getting pay back for how much the paparazzi has been poking their noses into her business.

The reporters have revealed that the “Diamonds” songstress hasn’t been spending any time with them or given them even one interview or even a quote for that matter.

Passengers on board Rihanna’s private plane began chanting “I need a headline,” “Just one quote,” and even “Occupy 777!”

Unfortunately their demands have yet to been met, and after waiting for hours to take off for London the tension grew to a whole new level.

The already irritated journalists were packed together in the place for hours waiting for take off when they suddenly realized that other news reports of Rihanna shopping for lingerie coincided with their previous late departures. In other words, there haven’t actually been any good reasons for their other late departures or the extra hours they spent crammed into the plane.

When the flight finally did take off, bedlam erupted as an Australian journalist stripped off his clothes and began streaking through the aircraft while others continued to chant.

“HOLY CRAP,” wrote MHKC for MTV. “The Australian with the harmonica is STREAKING ON THE PLANE as we scream “save our jobs” and “access” and “interviews” and “just one headline” at the abject lack of Rihanna time.”

The MTV writer ended the post with some hilarious hashtags that read “#FREETHERIHANNA150,” “#OCCUPYRIHANNAPLANE,” and “#WHEREHAVEYOUBEENALLTHISFLIGHT.”

Things didn’t seem to calm down until Gabriel “Gabe” Tesoriero, a “Def Jam PR god,” came out into the cabin to see what exactly all the commotion was about.

Bloggers reported that everyone was immediately instructed to sit down and quite down.

Other previous reports suggest that the journalist have been running low on patience for quite some time after being stuffed in extremely hot and cramped media rooms while Chris Brown’s ex performs and being served less than satisfying snacks during their long flights.

Only time will tell if any of the reporters will get the Rihanna exclusive they came for, or if the journalists themselves will continue to make the headlines for the remainder of the “We Found Love” singer’s world tour.


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