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Trailer for 'The Heat' Speaks Funniness

So I had no idea that this movie was in the pipeline, but here you go. Paul Feig, director of Bridesmaids, is re-teaming with star Melissa McCarthy for The Heat, which also features Sandra Bullock. Bullock and McCarthy play a FBI agent and Boston police officer, respectively, who have to team up to solve a case.

It didn’t hit me until now, but there hasn’t been a major female buddy cop film, has there? Well, that marks a small step forward for the culture, at least. Will it be good, though? That remains to be seen. But I adore the riff on the “dangling the perp from a ledge” trope that you see in the trailer. Plus, I trust both Feig and McCarthy. And the movie was written by Katie Dippold, whose written some of the best episodes of Parks and Recreation. There’s ample reason to be positive!

See the trailer and judge for yourself. The Heat comes out April 5, 2013.

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