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Beyonce Steps in to Calm Heated Exchange Between Jay-Z, Robert De Niro at Leonardo DiCaprio’s Birthday Party

Jay-Z and Robert De Niro got into a heated discussion this week at a New York restaurant, according to reports, with Beyonce eventually stepping in to quell the tension.

All three were dining at West Village hotspot The Darby on Saturday, for Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday. Jay-Z reportedly approached De Niro’s table to say hello, and the actor criticized the rapper for not returning his phone calls, deeming Jay “disrespectful.”

“Bob wasn’t in any mood to make polite conversation,” the a source for the New York Post claimed, “he told Jay that if somebody calls you six times, you call them back. It doesn’t matter who you are, that is just rude.” Jay-Z reportedly tried to pass off the whole thing as a joke, claiming he’s terrible at returning phone calls, but De Niro was not amused.

The source of the heated discussion was a song that Jay had allegedly agreed to record for the Tribeca film festival. De Niro has been a long-time supporter of the festival, having founded it in 2002 alongside Jane Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff. Jay had apparently not followed through on his promise to record the song, and De Niro was not pleased.

The Post source added that Jay’s wife, Beyonce, came over to smooth tension between the two men, “but that didn’t calm Bob down.” The source further claimed the incident “was the talk of the party,” as both men are titans in the Empire State and New York community.

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12 thoughts on “Beyonce Steps in to Calm Heated Exchange Between Jay-Z, Robert De Niro at Leonardo DiCaprio’s Birthday Party

  1. I am with De niro on this. It was rude to not to call him back espiecially after he agreed to record the song. Getting to big for your baggy jeans! lol

  2. I am with jay-z he is a grown ass man thats spending time with his family he dont have to take another grown ass mans phone call if he dont want to just because he didnt take the call back dont mean he is disrecpectful maybe he is just busy

  3. Ella Rucker says:

    Wow. First how many names can you drop in one article? Second, Robert De Niro sweating Jay like that? Oh, yeah. But seriously, Jay. You gotta call De Niro back. Come on. Don't be THAT GUY.

  4. Niren Gipson says:

    DeNiro don't play no games…lol! Respect!

  5. Doreen Ellis-Buchanan says:

    Jay-Z is a busy man. Dinero is trying to put him in his place. Reminding him he no t him. If u know what I mean. I don't return phone calls to my boss sometimes and? I'm busy point blank . Noexplanation required

  6. Ray Anderson says:

    For all of Hip-Hop's glamorizing of the mob, Jay just ran up on the real deal and got checked and placed by the true boss of the Empire State, and for good reason–simple rule: return all business calls! And if you can't, have an assistant get back on your behalf. It's De Niro Negro!

  7. Jabari Adisa says:

    Jay wasn't shook. What? He's supposed to sing and dance on command?

  8. Jason Rate says:

    He's a grown ass man. De Niro better realize you can't talk to black people any kind of way like you do with your white friends. People on the street gets killed for that.

  9. Tanya Lett says:

    I agree with Robert De niro. I think Jay Z's ego has him big headed. He needs some humility.

  10. Patricia Steuben says:

    He wasn't asked to buck dance……just have some business ettiquete about himself. You know….common courtesy. Either do what you said you would do or drop out. But at the end of the day…call the man back!

  11. Danny Brock says:

    So if you called one of your friends 6 times and they didn't respond next time you see them you wouldn't ask them why?

  12. George Will says:

    Whitney you are as ghetto as they come. In a nutshell you are supporting Jay Z's lack of integrity.

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