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Watch the 'Skyfall' Opening Credit Sequence

One of the hallmarks of the James Bond film series, right up there with a certain drink, introducing oneself beginning with the last name, and an uncomfortable strain of misogyny, is the opening credit sequence. For Skyfall, Adele belted out the chords of the movie’s theme song, while graphics designed by Daniel Kleinman played out on the screen. This is the sixth time Kleinman has done the opening credits for a Bond film. He started in Goldeneyand has done every one since, except for Quantum of Solace. Kleinman was brought on board for his prolific music video and commercial work, and his experience shows here.

The sequence depicts Bond sinking into a strange, dangerous limbo world. Enemies lurk around every corner, and he’s surrounded by death and hobbled by his physical degradation. It dovetails perfectly with the themes of the film, which is all about the moral murkiness of the skullduggery of 00 work, and Bond struggling to stay relevant as an agent.

Now, you can view the opening credit sequence sans the credits, and fully appreciate Kleinman’s visuals and Adele’s vocals together. Give it a watch.

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