New Trailer for 'The Canyons' Kicks It Old-School

To say that Bret Easton Ellis and Paul Schrader have taken some creative liberties in promoting their new film, The Canyons, would be quite the understatement. With the film’s latest trailer, the duo have now tackled a style more suitable to the 1950s.

The two first presented audiences with a strange teaser that just showed various places throughout Hollywood set to some pleasant music. While it makes Los Angeles look quite beautiful, no actual film footage was used, and no actual facts were presented in terms of storyline or characters.

Then came a Grindhouse styled teaser that showed the film’s controversial starring duo, the unmistakable Lindsay Lohan and adult film star James Deen. It sells The Canyons as a 70s B-movie more than anything, promising audiences everything they tend to expect from a fallen childhood star and memorable porn personality.

With its latest trailer, The Canyons now seems to be highlighting the amount of melodrama it can offer to audiences. Rather hilariously, it utilizes stern and monotonous voiceovers to introduce Lohan, Deen, and newcomer Nolan Funk. It also portrays their relationship as exceptionally worthy of a daily soap opera. Of course, the trailer also has graphics worthy of a 1950s monster movie to describe Lindsay Lohan as “a sensuous woman.”

Still, it’s nice to see writer/director duos behave as they wish when promoting a project. The tongue-in-cheek tone writer Ellis and director Schrader have produced is definitely embraceable. Hopefully, the rest of the film will measure up. Enjoy the trailer below.

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