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Could you survive the Anne Hathaway Diet?

Could you do the ‘Anne Hathaway Diet’ to lose weight? Recently, the movie star Anne Hathaway lost about 25 pounds for her upcoming role in “Les Miserables.” In the film, she plays Fantine, a woman forced into prostitution to support her daughter. While Hathaway felt her weight loss was appropriate to play the role of a sick and dying Fantine, the way in which she lost the weight was drastic and considered unhealthy by most standards. After losing 10 pounds initially, Hathaway reports to eating just two pieces of oatmeal paste per day to reduce her frame by another 15 pounds. That, ladies, is the Anne Hathaway Diet.

With many women, young and old, looking to Hollywood to determine standards to beauty, this latest tale of a star losing weight for an upcoming role is quite troubling. The former Princess Diaries star’s recent weight loss can make it easy for some young girls to see her actions as a confirmation that thin, at almost any cost, is always best. Just as an already thin Natalie Portman lost weight for her role in Black Swan, Hathaway was certainly within a weight range that was considered thin and healthy before she lost 25 pounds. Of course, both women report that their drastic weight changes were done all in the name of art. But with all of the digital enhancements and editing that can be done now, is it really necessary for stars to go through these extreme measures to play the perfect role?

Recognizing how crazy her weight loss seemed, Ms. Hathaway commented on the experience saying, “Looking back on the whole experience – and I don’t judge it in any way – it was definitely a little nuts,” said “The Dark Knight Rises” actress. “It was definitely a break with reality, but I think that’s who Fantine is anyway.” While the fictional Fantine character may have lead a life of chaos, for the average person in the real world this type of rapid weight loss can have very serious consequences including muscle loss, fatigue and malnutrition.

Additionally, dramatic changes in weight within a short period of time is harmful to the body. Programs like “The Biggest Loser” showcase obese and overweight contestants dropping weight at a rapid pace, but they are supervised by medical staff and personal trainers who are skilled in helping people lose weight safely. Embarking on the latest fad diet or slashing your food intake to just two pieces of oatmeal paste per day to lose weight is not the recommended way for the average person to diet. A balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables along with exercise is the best way to lose weight and keep it off. So, while you might want to check out Anne Hathaway’s latest film, don’t try your hand at the Anne Hathaway Diet.

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