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NeNe Leakes Wants Privacy, Credits RHOA Success to Race

NeNe Leakes revealed that she is tired of fame and wants more privacy, but according to her the only reason she is a huge superstar in the first place is because the Real Housewives of Atlanta are the only reality housewives who are black.

Leakes went from being a normal reality star to being a reoccurring actress on Glee and now bagged her first big Hollywood role on The New Normal.

Needless to say being one of the highest paid reality stars means that privacy is a rare thing for the Real Housewife of Atlanta and she is starting to question if she wants the fame or the privacy.

“The cure to me, the biggest curse of all, is losing my privacy,” the 44-year-old complained. “I’m very private. I have a couple little girlfriends; we love to chit chat, but I like to go to the supermarket myself. I like to go shopping myself. I like driving my car myself, and I’m a loner. I like to be alone, but I can’t do that anymore.”

She went on to admit that when it comes down to it, she isn’t sure how she feels about having the public butting into her life all the time. Lately, her son’s behavior and her relationship with Gregg Leakes have been frequent entertainment news headliners.

“People wanna know about everything: your relationship,” she continued. “Did you break up? Who you’re dating? Where are the kids? What’s going on? What color’s your shoe? What kind of handbag? Did you get your haircut? It’s just like, Jesus, give me a break.”

Despite the fact that she hasn’t been able to escape the public’s always wondering eye, she did seem to find enough pros to being famous to keep her in the world of Hollywood.

“You get to make great connections,” NeNe pointed out to explain the positive side of being famous. “You get so many business opportunities thrown at you. You make good money.”

Well, the reality starlet may be complaining about privacy but it doesn’t seem like she is quite as a loner as she wants people to think.

During the new season of the RHOA, the highest paid cast member tends to find ways to throw her fame into other people’s faces whenever she does finally have some time to be alone.

Leakes even hosted a large bash in order to celebrate her new role on “The New Normal,” and instead of just inviting those few girlfriends she was talking about, she invited everyone she could think of – including her arch nemesis Kim Zolciak.

Even the 34-year-old reality star expressed how shocked she was to have been invited to the big bash.

“When Phaedra told me that NeNe wanted her to invite me to this party, I almost fell the f**k over,” Zolciak admitted after receiving the invitation. “I’m not an a**hole, so I’m going to go, but I want to get the f**k out of here.”

Kim tried to take the high road and show up for the event – which she was probably invited to only so The New Normal star could brag about her new gigs – but after the hostess herself was over two hours late she decided to make an early exit.

Of course, as the world of reality TV would have it, Kim bumped into her sometimes friend sometimes nemesis on the way out the door.

After Leakes begged her to stay just a few more minutes, the not to successful electropop singer explained that she had been at the party for two hours and was already late for a previous engagement with her husband.

With this unfolding on what is only the second episode, many fans think the constant drama on the show is what catapulted the series to success but if you ask NeNe it’s all about race.

“In the… ‘Real Housewives’ franchise, we are the only brown girls,” she said as she expressed her own opinion about why the series is one of Bravo’s best rated shows. “You can always turn on the TV and see those Beverly Hills girls, those Miami girls, those New Jersey girls, [and] New York girls and you still sort of… get the same flavor, but when you turn and see the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta,’ you’re getting a group of brown girls.”

In order to support her opinion, the reality star tuned actress pointed out that her cast does the exact same things that the other Real Housewives do, but yet thousands more viewers tune in to see them instead of the other Housewives.

What seemed to be a bit confusing about the claims of RHOA popularity over their sister shows is that the most frequently drama starting cast member felt like all the ladies on the show were “real,” despite the fact that is constantly calling the ladies fake on the show.

“We’re really keeping it real,” she explained after commenting on how the ladies from the other shows were too “plastic.” “…and I’m always surprised when people say, ‘Are you guys scripted?’ We’re so not scripted; we’re just a disaster.”

Of course, we have more than enough reason to believe that the majority of the show is indeed scripted but nobody really planned for the show’s high light moments such as Leakes getting punched in the face by new cast member Kenya Moore – which may or may not actually appear on the reality show.

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