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Donald Trump: ‘No Regrets’ Over Election Rant

Donald Trump has “no regrets” following his Twitter tirade on Election Day. A steadfast Republican, Trump expressed his outrage over President Barack Obama’s victory, calling the election “a sham, travesty and disgusting injustice.” The comments brought on waves of criticism during post-election coverage, but Trump feels validated by his 1.8 million Twitter followers.

“The fact is that there’s a large group of people who like Donald Trump and what Donald Trump says. I have no regrets,” Trump said to Bloomberg Businessweek. ” I’ve been well-received. I will have way over 2 million Twitter followers shortly.”

NBC’s Brian Williams was one of Trump’s harshest critics, saying that the billionaire “has driven well past the last exit to relevance.” Trump took the time to fire back at Williams via Twitter in a series of messages.

“Wouldn’t you love to have my ratings?” Trump posted. “The only thing more boring than @bwilliams newscast is his show Rock Center which is totally dying in the ratings – a disaster!”

Trump has gained tens of thousands of followers due to his brash remarks. Though some find humor in the mogul’s over the top personality, it reinforces his status as a cultural voice. Few Republicans have been as outspoken as Trump following the election, but we’ll have to see how many people show up for Trump’s proposed march on Washington.


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