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Beyonce Makes New Music In Midst Of $100 Million Video Game Lawsuit

Beyonce may see her day in court over a multi-million dollar video game lawsuit in which the video game company claims Bey backed out on their agreement.

Beyonce faced minor legal conflict earlier this year when a Boston firm had already obtained legal rights to the name Blue Ivy which the R&B queen was hoping to trademark for a line of baby products.

Now, things are a little more serious than trying to claim a baby name.

Gate Five, a video company in the process of working on a new dance game, is taking the “Dance for You” songstress to court after she abandoned the deal she had with them back in 2010.

The company claims that they were working on the new dance game called Starpower: Beyonce which would have read dance moves and body movements in a much wider range than other platforms like the Wii.

When the new mother refused to go through with the deal on Christmas Eve, the company demanded that the powerhouse performer fork over a large sum of money to compensate for “the hundreds of millions of dollars in profits that Gate Five could have realized if she had honored the Agreement.”

Last April, a judge turned down Beyonce when she motioned for a summary judgment claiming she had the right to back out of the agreement if the company failed to obtain a $5 million financing commitment by a certain date.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Blue Ivy’s mommy filed for the same motion again on Thursday, but was once again denied.

All hope isn’t lost for the video game company, however, as it has also been revealed that the Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga had also shown interest in the new video game when the idea had first been pitched to them.

As for the “Countdown” crooner, however, it seems like the lawsuit is working in the favor of the video game company which means she might actually have to hand over the $100 million – which is still a lot of money even if her net worth is currently more than three times that amount.

The powerhouse vocalist will be able to make the money back in no time especially considering the fact that the internationally loved R&B star is back in the studio and ready to work on some new music – not to mention her Super Bowl and X Factor gigs which are also likely to fork over some large checks to get the “Sweet Dreams” singer to rock their stages.

The 31-year-old posted some cool photos on her new Instagram which promises fans that new music is on the way as she posed in a classy black and white ensemble in the studio.

Jay’s wife looked stunning in a black and white blazer style shirt with a pair of leather fronted pants that look extremely similar to the same pants that Alicia Keys wore to the Knicks game just a few days ago.

She completed the look with a pair of unique flats and even took a close up snap shot of the quirky shoes.

Still staying comfortable for the studio, she left her hair in a high bun and opted out on any makeup and just went with a pair of dark shades instead.


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