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Facebook Obama Slur Gets Woman Fired

While President Obama was celebrating his re-election, one disgruntled voter posted a Facebook Obama slur that cost her a job and may have her facing some serious jail time.

Immediately after the President was announced as the winner of the Presidential Election, a 22-year-old woman, Denise Helms, made a Facebook post that may very well change her life forever.

The young lady posted a racial slur about the President, but that wasn’t enough. As heart breaking as it is to now that racism is still alive and well, a racist Facebook post isn’t against the law – but a threat surely is.

In addition to revealing her true views about African Americans, the California woman then went on to suggest that maybe Obama “will get assassinated.”

The post caught media attention almost instantly as Facebook users began sharing the post – some in support of its message and others in disgust and disbelief.

Denise Helms, the woman who posted the racial slur against the President of the United States, is under investigation and according to the Associated Press she could face some serious time behind bars.

The Secret Service will have to decide if the threat was a legit danger to Obama’s health and safety, and confirmed that if she is convicted of threatening the President she will be charged with a felony.

“I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal,” Helms told Fox 40 Sacramento. “The assassination part is kind of harsh. I’m not saying I’d do that or anything like that, by any means, but if it was to happen I don’t think I’d care one bit.”

Helms may not have intended on following through with the action herself, but even if her status has possibly encouraged someone else to attempt to assassinate the President she can still be found responsible for the crime.

Her employers, a Cold Stone Creamery in California, received several messages, calls, and letters expressing their disgust with the racist employee and she was soon after let go.

“The employee is no longer w/the company,” Cold Stone posted on their official Twitter account. “We were as shocked as you were by her outrageous & completely unacceptable comments.”

The store manager of the Cold Stone that the woman worked for, Chris Kegle, went on to say, “We found her comments to be very disgusting, and they do not reflect our opinions here.”

Unfortunately, she wasn’t the only person who seemed to be completely irrational about Obama taking office for another four years.

Donald Trump also used social media to voice his disappointment, but luckily he is surrounded by people who know better than to threaten the President.

After Trump suggested that America needed to revolt against Obama, most of the tweets were immediately taken down – more than likely because someone warned the 66-year-old business man that the Secret Service won’t hesitate to throw him in jail just because he is rich.

The Facebook Obama slur is still undergoing investigation, but other news reports and political analyst are still in shock of the result of the election – not because of who won but because of America’s response.

Whether or not the massive outrage is due to racism, excessive social media involvement, or just a more divided America isn’t certain, but the one thing that is for sure is that America may not remain a prominent world power if we can’t put our differences aside and truly live as a united nation.


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241 thoughts on “Facebook Obama Slur Gets Woman Fired

  1. Gina York says:

    I hope and pray she goes straight to jail without passing go! And that stupid ignorant Trump goes with her! Wow some people are really showing what our country would be like without diversity, just like when the klan was running the show.

  2. Jeri Mahurin says:

    Good Grief……Sure glad I didn't post my responce on Facebook!
    I do not believe Helms is a threat to the President. Who knows maybe they will put me in jail with her.

  3. Bryan Hanson says:

    maybe they should lol

  4. Give me a break. Put you big boy pants on and deal. More fuss over this than the 4 dead Americans in Benghazi. Get your priorities straight people.

  5. Can we put Trump's wig in jail?

  6. Marshall Phillips says:

    and I hope she sues the Place of work, the President and the US government, before she goes to jail. THIS is still covered under free speech. No matter how vulgar.

  7. Marshall Phillips says:

    She did not personally threaten or attack the president, Freedom of speech.

  8. John Garris says:

    why is it that one white woman states that he might get assassinated, the first thing she is going to jail for years, but hundreds of black men and women made statements that they would personaly assassinate Mitt Romney if he was Elected, and said that they were going to do anyway, and our goverament doesent even accknowlage that it was even said, this country is on a downward sparil.

  9. L.d. Stevens says:

    Who wrote this? Can't even use the right words such as 'know' instead of 'now' and 'through' instead of 'throw'? You write for a living? How does that happen?

  10. What a stupid person. While what she said was out of frustration and not, I believe, a serious threat….WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THIS WOMAN! Even if she wasn't serious, if she inspires another to conspire to harm the president she becomes a part of it. While she likely will not be charged this blatantly racist and idiotic statement will follow her for years.

    I see a trailer park in her near future.

  11. Jeff Brown says:

    Where are all the liberals standing up for her free speech rights..

    Oh, wait…liberals only care abour "free speech" when its making a mainstream movie about how the world would be a better place if someone assassinated a sitting president.

  12. cant believe in this day and age that someone would use a racial slur! People this is 2012, racism is from the dark ages! Glad this little twerp got busted, she should learn to keep her fat liittle trap shut>racism doesn't belong in a civilized society. I am ashamed and disgusted and am glad Coldstone took a stand and fired her. As for the assasination comment, of course she didn't mean it-look at her – she is obviously too stupid to attempt something like that. She just needs to go crawl back under whatever rock she crawled out from under.

  13. I have to agree with you Gina. Why are these people sooo upset that a black man is the leader of our country? With the job he has done and the stature in which he conducts himself if Barack was a white man he would be their great hero.
    Trump is just a buffoon who has no relevance. If only the media would just ignore him we would all be better for it.

  14. Boy there goes our freedom.Freedom is going away very fast.

  15. Marshall Phillips says:


  16. This sure is sounding more like a dictatorial state than a constitutional one. I think our founding fathers would be disgusted that their political descendents cant even call for a revolution against tyranny. So much for FREE SPEECH…. I believe that this is exactly what happened in 1774 just before the American Revolution.

  17. What's with all the grammatical errors in this article? "through him in jail", "divided American", "to now that racism is alive and well". Proof read next time Taylor.

  18. No matter if she threatened him in person or over a social media website, the airwaves are controlled by a not so little entity called the FCC, and that goes double for Mr. Comb over

  19. We should, maybe he should sue the barber for not cutting his hair.

  20. Or may be you should get of you're hi horse, Mr. Grammer Man!

  21. No It's not./she is inciting violence! and possibly promoting a hate crime!

  22. See above, She is inciting violence & promoting a hate crime.

  23. Jose Pons says:

    This Nation is sick to the core, these people need to get the hell out of the USA.

  24. E.f. Coleman says:

    ignorant people, it is NOT freedom of speech when you threathen the life of the president of the united states.
    trump and rove need serious mental health help, they cannot face the facts that THEY LOST and will continue to lose, it's brown, black and yellow now, boobies.
    yeah whoever wrote this article should invest in spell check.
    facebook will be the demise of the world. mark my word.

  25. Where do you come up with that? Is it on a downward spiral because you don;t agree with the outcome of the election? Or because your candidate was Vapid & the majority voted for someone with substance over style? Education & intelligence over empty rhetoric & false promises? Please someone remind me of all of the Good Bush did in office……Anyone?

  26. money talks and bulshit goes to jail!

  27. Birdy Vela says:

    so a threat to the president is free speech??!! shouldn't be taken seriously? REALLY!!??? you're brainless

  28. Dana Freeman says:

    Because you cannot make or even suggest threats against the POTUS. The fact that she is white only matters to people like you. White people have made threats against former Presidents (White) or did that fact elude you as well? Did you happen to read these "Hundreds" of threats or are you just trolling?

  29. Robert H Cooper says:

    We can't be a United nation with a President that spends most of his time and energy dividing us. The blame is on him not the people who react to it. To maintain his and Democrat power, the nation must be divided into ethnic, religious, and gender groups that can only be protected by the Socialist left. Not about color with this president…..It's about dividsions created for political purpase. That is what is destroying the country and making people angry. The president can stop it anytime he wants by stopping divide and control tactics.

  30. Birdy Vela says:

    how do you know she wouldn't carryout her threat?? do you know her peronally?? to many crazy spaced out racists out there not to be investigated!!

  31. Doug O'Neil says:

    So much for the First Amendment. It's not like she said, "I'm going to assasinate him". A lot of disgruntled people made that comment about him maybe not surviving his term, but to single out one individual and disregard the 1st Ammendment and threaten jail time is ludicrous.

  32. Todd Meedel says:

    I just h, have three words to say, "Freedom of Speech"… She should hire an attorney and sue Coldstone for unlawful dismissal. For in CA your not allowed to have an oppinon, unless it is democratic or left leaning.


  34. William P Caloia Sr. says:

    He is NOT black you idiots! He is less than half black! It is lazy good-for-nothings like you who re-elected this trash. It is not racist to call him names as he is not 100% black. Thanks to left wing indoctrination in schools for over 50 years, we now have a bunch of mind-numbed robots who are old enough to vote and cannot understand why the economy is important and obamacare is a disaster. I hope I live long enough to piss on Obama's grave after he dies of hemorragic fever he gets on another ass-kissing tour to Africa or the Arab world.

  35. ?? where,pray tell, are you getting this intel from? and i rarely make comments about spelling, but yours is atrocious. Your spelling is just as horrible as your antiquated viewpoint.

  36. Bob Hamilton says:

    I was thicking that misef. lol (I do agree wjth you, Corey)

  37. Marshall Phillips says:

    so I guees all of the people that clicked like on her post will be arrested also, s that how this government will respond, well I guess it could be worse.

  38. Bob Will says:

    If the CIA could read minds..we would all be in jail for something.

  39. Dana Freeman says:

    Free speech? You should re-read the 1st Amendment and find where it states that you can use inciteful/hateful speech towards ANY individual. You can say whatever you want to, but there are consequences for doing it.

  40. Marshall Phillips says:

    as I guessed ive been deleted.

  41. Get of you're hi horse!

  42. For many of us, it is NOT because he is Black; it is because he is incompetent! I would have gladly voted for Herman Caine or Condeleeza Rice (if she had run for office). We don't want four more years of economic destitution, period. But those of you getting govt. check and FREEBIES, well you get what you deserve. THANKS A LOT! (used to be a Moderate Dem, now a Republican because of you idiots that voted for the VERY FAR, FAR LEFT = HANDOUT NATION.

  43. Dana Freeman you rock Dana!

  44. Donise Cyre says:

    William P Caloia Sr. ~ weren't Republicans in Presidential office most of those 50 yrs?

  45. Bob Hamilton says:

    lemme axe you something…

  46. Because of decades of Democratic control, Sacramento and the rest of California is bankrupt. She likely already lives in a trailor park. Eventually, all of America will live in a trailor, or worse. I can guess that people won't be envious of the "rich" if everyone is economically leveled, as in a Socialist/Communist country – no one to be jealous of then. Of course, people will still be rioting and killing each other over some "perceived" someone else is to blame bull malarky.

  47. One more job opening, how stupid do you have to be? People are looking for jobs and she lose one by being stupid over an election.

  48. Marta Bergen says:

    Wake up, people. You DO NOT threaten the president. Even if it's just idle chit-chat. This woman is like a cockroach – totally disgusting, but just one among millions.

  49. wow William-crazy lunatic rant much?

  50. Marie Cobbs says:

    You are one of the people who lives in a bubble and make up your own facts. The Republican lead congress cut the money for security and that is the reason there were not enought security people in that area. Eveyone knows there is a problem with education in this country again if you didn't live ina bubble you would know that also

  51. Marta Bergen says:

    Todd Meedel Hate crimes and threats don't fall under Freedom of Speech. Coldstone Creamery is a private enterprise that has a right to fire its employees for any reason at all. And they picked a really good reason. An employee like that is a danger to a company.

  52. Diane Mullins says:

    Who grammar checks these "journalists"? "Through him in jail"? "as heartbreaking as it is to now that racism is alive and well….."

  53. Alex Spadel says:

    William P Caloia Sr. is a disgusting waste of life that doesn't deserve to live

  54. Actually, my Native American ancestors haven't liked any of you people being here since 1492!! I am sick of Black gangs, Hispanic Gangs and Asian gangs, and the few white people that cause violence in this country – yes, few. Mostly Blacks and Hispanics have brought every neighborhood I've lived in into a form of a social/economic ghetto land of violence. Fact is, Blacks and Hispanics are way more racist in population numbers than whites and Indians. Alot of you Brown People need to go home!

  55. John – Can you, or any of the other people who liked your post actually prove what you say regarding hundreds of black men and women threatening to kill the president?

    Or are you just full of it?

  56. Alex Spadel says:

    yea, it's not like this woman was calling him a n***er in her tweets. nope…racism has nothing to do with obama…IDIOT

  57. Marie Cobbs says:

    There is freedom of speak but it's against the law to talk of assassination in relation to the president. You may disrespect them because he is Black but you can't break the laws.

  58. James Smith says:


  59. Ethan Reed says:

    Freedom of speach does not mean freedom from consequence. You can speak out against POTUS, but you can not threaten or take it to a place that becomes a hate crime. We have freedom of speach but there ARE MANY things you can not say or do on TV. You can feel how you want, but make it about the person not the "group" they belong to.

  60. People get dumb when they get excited.

  61. Alex Spadel says:

    go hide in your bomb shelter you paranoid old retard

  62. Catherine – Yet GW Bush had 11 Embassy deaths and 53 embassy attacks in his 2 terms that are not mentioned by the Obama haters….

    How convenient

  63. Alex Spadel says:

    what "tyranny" are you talking about, curtis? nobody in america knows what "tyranny" is, so please shut your stupid mouth. "tyranny" to americans is high gas prices. we're a bunch of spoiled first world BRATS

  64. Rita Boucher says:

    Casey Whitworth …. 'off' and 'high'. Thanks for proving the point!

  65. Marie Cobbs says:

    It appears that some people think they can say whatever they want because we have a Black President but Bush did far more damage to this country and you Whites who are attacking the President did nothing about it. Racism is ugly.

  66. Jeff Brown says:

    so actually making a movie promoting the assassination of a sitting president is "less offensive" than some woman's facebook rant where she says someone "might" assassinate the sitting president…????

    I'm guessing you're an Obama voter.

  67. Alex Spadel says:

    nah, republicans don't divide the country. all they do is unite. and before obama, america was a land of chocolate rivers and pretty rainbows where everyone got along and agreed with each other


  68. Todd – California is an "at-will" state. A person can be terminated at the employers discretion with the exception of racial discrimination. I don't see how she has grounds to sue Cold Stone.
    And the fact is "Freedom of Speech" does not cover threats to the President of the United States.
    As for California not allowing an opinion unless it is supportive of the left…absolutely ridiculous.

  69. Alex Spadel says:

    you should take your meds you loon

  70. Marie Cobbs says:

    No she would not attempt but encouraging someone else do so is her point that is why she shoulld be charged.


  72. Are you serious? I have seen and heard much worse things on facebook directed towards George Bush and Mitt Romney! In fact if they put everyone in jail that expressed the desire to see harm come to Bush they would have to build a new prison. This is just another example of our freedoms being trampled by the Obama administration.

  73. Ebony Cooley says:

    Why is it that everyone is so focused on her right to free speech? True she can say whatever she feels regardless to how nasty or hurtful but just because you can say something Don't mean you Should! She is entitled to her feelings but what about the feelings of others and to hope someone is murdered especial someone who doesn't deserve it is the more harmful part of her statement to me and I'm a Black woman. All our hearts beat just the same and everyone feels grief and lost for someone. Remember that next time you wish someone dead.

  74. Tim Cronan says:

    A disappointing story to be sure, whether your choice or not, we need more unity in this country. The writer of this story also needs to learn to spell. know vs. now, and throw vs. through. Very poor, for what I am assuming is a paid and published author.

  75. What hidden agendas do you mean Catherine?

  76. Donna Anello says:

    This is and was not a racial issue! The creep could be purple for all I care, He's a lousy president, his political views are not in the best interest of what was once a great "America" before he put his personal agenda into place. However, The View, Leno, Letterman, and the rest of the dangerously uninformed will remain unscathed by our inevitable financial default and socialist future! The murder of the Benghazi ambassador, after months of pleading for help is only one example of the failure of this administration to do what is right. It's just the beginning……may GOD help us all.

  77. I could not have said it better, Mr. Cooper. Obama (the community organizer; he wasn't even good at that) never had any proven accomplishments to run on, not in 2008 or 2012. All this person could do to get elected was to create what minorities are really, really good at Blame the Rich Guy, Blame the White Guy, Blame the Hispanics taking the jobs they wouldn't want anyway, etc, etc. Division is how the Far Left gets into office; otherwise, on brains and merit they'd come up short. The Democrats are starting to look like radical communists every passing year. They are really good at taking from other people; they don't want to EARN anything.

  78. Troy Aug says:

    Michael use your small pea brain and do a google search. There's plenty of threats against Mitt and probably Odumbo as well. To single out this person is beyond ridiculous. Bunch of twats.

  79. Tim Cronan says:

    There certainly is a problem with eduction in this country when a High School student (above) has no concept of spelling and grammar. At least make your sentence structure correct, and others might want to know more about your point of view.

  80. Alex Spadel says:

    do you make up those fairy tales all on your own? your people over 70 comment is patently FALSE. a LIE. people like you spreading misinformation and lies SICKENS ME. go back to school you dumb f**k. since YOU haven't heard much racism, that means it isn't rampant? i guess you've been in contact with every tea party member in the U.S.? my bad, i guess i should have known that. i would sure love to live in the bubble you live in.

  81. Tim Cronan says:

    I caught those errors as well – others here are just spewing hate, and are missing the fact that in a rush to get something in the social media sphere, the need to be accurate and correct goes out the window.

  82. Marie Cobbs says:

    Please don't loose sight of this article because of its grammatical mistakes. THIS IS A RACIST STATEMENT DIRECTED TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES AND THE FREE WORLD BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF HIS SKIN.,

  83. there are racist in government….so fire them. ole mitt is one, listen to the crafty language. so she hopes obama gets assassinated. is it a crime to hope and pray the death of the head of a terrorist network? let`s count the crimes of every U.S. Regime leader. obama is no exception in this respect. wow, this country allows the KKK to march in the streets but upset at this woman? give me a break!

  84. Alex Spadel says:

    catherine…what planet do you live on? do you ever get out? when was the last time you saw sunlight? or do you just sit inside and listen to fat drug addled rush limbaugh all day? i'm so sick of hearing the FAIRY TALES about benghazi being spewed by uneducated, misinformed IDIOTS like catherine

  85. Dominic De Falco says:

    So much for Free Speech while Obama-nation is president!

  86. Anthony Jackson says:

    William P Caloia Sr. Bill… The only bigoted idiot is you. Your rhetoric alone tells so much about your character. In reality, the youth of today are far better informed and educated than those of the past. I wouldn't be surprised if they are they are one day pissing on your grave as well as other bigots.

  87. Alex Spadel says:

    what movie is this? you keep saying "movie" but you don't mention which movie promotes the assassination of bush.

  88. mikey…..ur an idiot

  89. Carol Myers says:

    Like it or not, threatening the life of any sitting president is very much against the law. I realize there are people that are not offended by such statements, but then, they are not offended by the KKK or the neo-Nazis, so how much credence can you place in their opinions?
    Obama won the election. He won it fairly handily. Not only that, but the Democrats took more seats in the Senate and a few more seats in the House. I suspect that this implies that the majority of people ARE offended by racist rhetoric and extremism and obstructionism.
    The hyper-concern over socialism is created by Rush Limbaugh and Fox. We have long had aspects of socialism in this country. It comes in the form of public schools and roads and bridges and social security and medicare and a variety of other governmental programs that benefit the country and its citizens.
    Part of the function of government is to put together the funding for projects too big or too complex to be managed by local agencies or individuals. If any of you seriously believe that a state like Arkansas could fund its own system of roads and bridges and the like, you are ignorant of the costs of these systems.
    If you force individual states to fund every project of this kind you will soon find a lot of red states collapsing into third world nation status.
    We are the UNITED States of America, not a bunch of neighboring countries. We build things together. We help each other. We are all part of the whole. If this is socialism, then we are all socialists.

  90. Marshall Phillips says:

    thanks, i forgot

  91. Marie Cobbs says:

    Read your history books. The founding father would be more upset because we have a Black President, that Blacks, Latinos, Asians,women(black and white} and young white men put him in office. It is promising to know that relics like you will soon be obsolete.

  92. Marie Cobbs says:

    You don't cry fire in a crowded theatre and you don't put threatening remarks on facebook but idiots do.

  93. Sandy H—ur an idiot



  96. Marie Cobbs says:

    Money didn't talk this time ask Carl Rove.

  97. Oh people when are you all going to learn that Fox news is not the place to get your truth. You must be smart enough to sift through the crap before commiting it to your core beliefs.

  98. Anthony Jackson says:

    Marie Cobbs You are correct Marie. Be careful when you make that statement as it is not all whites… Only the bigots that confuse Fox entertainment and Rush Limbaugh for real news.

  99. Marie..someday you will grow up and put on your big girl pants and not be so shallow and unintelligent…someday

  100. Doug – I do not think she made a direct threat, but if she inspires others to then she is complicit in a conspiracy. Read the 1st Amendment….it is not blanket protection to say whatever one wishes.This particular clause, Freedom of Speech, typically protects and individual’s right to partake in even distasteful rhetoric, such as racist or sexist comments and distasteful remarks towards public policy.
    Speech directed towards some subjects; however, such as child pornography or speech that incites an imminent threat, as well commercial forms of speech are regulated.

  101. Marie Cobbs says:

    Even the KKK does not have the right to encourage the assassinated the President.

  102. put on your big girl pants Marie..your big girl pants

  103. Alex Spadel says:

    catherine, you are the only dangerously uninformed one here. how long has it been since you've had some kind of education? how long has it been since you've watched a news program other than fox news? brainless drone

  104. Adam White says:

    it's called freedom of speech, i agree with the person that stated the black panthers threaten white people and better not vote for romney or else, these are threats, i'am so sick of white people getting shafted these days, i had to deal with two black women who had bad attitudes working in the post office this morning, this happens dailey with them, and they wonder why they are disrespected by other races, get a clue……

  105. Jeff Brown says:

    To be clear, I believe the word "nigger" is still a valuable descriptor…but it is NOT one of Obama. Obama is a highly educated professional with a liberal background and agenda…which is not what one would use the word "nigger" to describe.

    You don't have to be African American to be a nigger.

  106. Clayton – Can you provide examples of the threats you mention? Or possibly other examples of our freedoms being "trampled" by Obama?

    Just wondering where you were at when the Patriot Act shredded the Constitution?

  107. Marie Cobbs says:

    If Romney or Bush was threatened the person threatening them would be under the jail.


  109. Terry A Hill says:

    Marie Cobbs , did you get your free Obama phone ? Th edem's started the housing bubble w/Clinton,Barrny Frank,and Harry Reid……Wall Street and the banks fell due to the housing bubble bursting….You Can Blame Bush Just Like The Great O dose….It just fall's on Deff ears…..

  110. now your being just stupid Marie..ask anyone

  111. Alex Spadel says:

    catherine the little republican lie spreading sheepdog

  112. Jeff Brown says:

    If black folks want the word to disappear from the language, they should stop using it. Otherwise, it's fair game for everyone.

  113. Marie..lets hope you graduate and become a big girl

  114. Adam White says:

    no,because he is one of the three worst presidents we have seen besides carter and bush jr.,face the facts,welcome to welfare usa due to this president….

  115. "through him in jail"? I suggest Taylor Gordon go back to school. Possibly English class.

  116. Alex Spadel says:

    the "few" white people who cause trouble…HAHAHA…someone lives in a very large bubble and likes to deny reality

  117. Doug Krasner says:

    Bush Administration had a few security issues:
    2002: U.S. Consulate In Karachi, Pakistan, Attacked; 10 Killed, 51 Injured
    2004: U.S. Embassy Bombed In Uzbekistan
    2004: Gunmen Stormed U.S. Consulate In Saudi Arabia.
    2006: Armed Men Attacked U.S. Embassy In Syria
    2007: Grenade Launched Into U.S. Embassy In Athens
    2008: Ten People Killed In Bombings At U.S. Embassy In Yemen
    2008: Rioters Set Fire To U.S. Embassy In Serbia
    ‘He Kept Us Safe’: Bush Ignored Repeated Warnings Of Terrorist Attack
    September 11th, 2012 12:52 am Joe Conason
    “New documents uncovered by investigative journalist Kurt Eichenwald show that despite repeated, urgent warnings from intelligence officials about an impending Al Qaeda attack, Bush did nothing because his neoconservative advisers told him that the threats were merely a “ruse” and a distraction.”

  118. Dirk Anderson says:

    Which freedom is that?

  119. Marshall Phillips says:

    with bush, gas was $1.84 a gallon, Obamas early ads said elect me and there is no reason fuel should ever be more than 1.50.
    Elect me and in 3 years i will cut the deficit in half, sorry obama you tripled it. I had a career job almost 4 years ago, but was told by employer he gets more of a tax break for hiring a green card,instead of a vet.11.5 million more are getting ready to get amnesty and welfare, you really think our economy and government can sustain this pace.

  120. ummm.. its called the first amendment.. .. you know.. freedom of speech ?? maybe you have heard of it?? you may not like what she said.. but its nothing more than her opinion.. she didnt phrase it as a death threat.. where did she say she was going to kill him?.. . but thats right.. the left.. never pays attention to the amendments… they dont bother to read the fine print. why should they. seems socialists could care less about freedom.. they want the govt controlling them and their freedoms..P.S. say what you want about trump.. yeas he can be foolish ..but last i checked… he offered owebama 5 million to donate to the hurricane sandy relief fund in owebamas name?? if owebama wasnt hiding something wouldnt he have shown the transcripts? esp for such a good charitable cause as such? or he doesnt give a damn about the people suffering in the tri state area once he got re elected?? too busy planing his 20th vacation since elected..

  121. Dirk Anderson says:

    Threatening to assasinate the president is not covered by free speech. Sorry. It's that way under ALL presidents. She hasn't been arrested either, so in what way was her "free speech" violated. Dumb ass.

  122. Marie!!! I think YOU are the racist here

  123. Rita, you forgot "your" and "sarcasm."

  124. wow-so many angry and bitter peeps!! I hope you never never never need help from the government-as you say FREEBIES. without those 'freebies,some people would starve. But, since they are a part of the useless 47%,who cares,right?? You should be ashamed of yourself.

  125. Alex Spadel she did call him that in her tweet

  126. I'm going to take up for that young lady. I can't believe she would do that, it's silly to think she could pull that off. If the Gov. puts her in prison, then Obama is the racist. He puts his pants on like everybody else and I will not worship his A$$. Who they should be watching closely is the White Supremist. We still have the right to freedom of speech for now. She did not threaten the Annointed one. If they want to come after me ok but I'm 62 with a hip replacement and arthritis so bad I can hardly walk. Bring it on BOYS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

  127. Alex Spadel says:

    it's no coincidence that the southern states (the entire confederacy) who rank very low in education also voted romney. look it up.

  128. Marta Poulos-Johnson says:

    Please proof read your articles before publishing. Great article other than the typos!

  129. Ruth Schreiber Do some research you IDIOT>

  130. Jeff Brown says:

    She DIDN'T threaten to assassinate the President, thus her speech is protected. The only dumbass posting here is you who can't comprehend the difference between what's actually written and what's in your mind.

  131. Dirk Anderson says:

    A) threatening the life of the president is not protected by free speech. Nor is inciting a riot, slander, and several others.
    B) She was not arrested. Ergo, not even free speech question.

    But don't let facts get in the way of a good rant. Moron.

  132. Anthony Jackson says:

    Thanks Carol.. Finally some common sense. I wish more people, especially the Fox and Limbaugh followers would read your post. Not sure if it will help much though…….

  133. Teri Rivera says:

    i am so sick of you people that have nothing to do except hurt people how were you raised and are you working and if you are what do you do thats what i thought you probably didnt even vote

  134. Alex Spadel says:

    anthony, i was being sarcastic in that comment.

    catherine works in a "health care facility"…aka she cleans bedpans for a living…and she knows secrets about obamacare that none of us know apparently…catherine just stop you have zero credibility and have been spewing lies here all day

  135. Anthony Jackson says:

    It was one old guy with a walker posing as a black panther. Get real…. Guess what? Most blacks don't support that BS either…..

  136. Bryan Hanson says:

    Yes please don't put me in that category, And by the way, he is Black and White.

  137. Anthony Jackson says:

    Please spell check next time young man….

  138. Dirk Anderson says:

    Jeff, learn to read. She has NOT been arrested. I repeat: Dumb ass

  139. Marshall Phillips says:

    Marie Cobbs had to cut security to pay for obamacare, also assistance was 20 minutes away. that is obamas own words,assistance was 20 minutes away.

  140. Bryan Hanson says:

    Michael Bradley well said

  141. Ebony Cooley says:

    Last time I checked I was home. How about you? History lesson: only one Native to this land is THE NATIVE ancestors. White ancestors came here just like mine. Seeing as your not an ancestor or you would be dead by now you have as much claim as the rest of us.

  142. Racism is ugly in any form or from any ethnicity. What she did was wrong, just like all the people who were threatening harm against Mitt Romney if he was elected.

  143. wow ur just being stupid

  144. Alex Spadel says:

    hey marshall, do you know what capitalism is? are you aware of the fact that the government has no control over gas prices? NO CONTROL. what your DUMB A** should be doing is attacking the oil companies who continue to rake in massive, record setting profits while dummies like you and me pay whatever they say at the pump.


  145. Learn to spell……so many spelling errors I thought a first grader wrote this.

  146. Marshall Phillips says:

    funny how the Obama lovers take to name calling when the facts are wrong. and it was obamas words again.

  147. who's the racist now marie????

  148. John Garris, what world do you live in? Don't you know that these days only the white folks are forbidden to make racial slurs? People of color are very racists, but they get away with it everyday. Just turn on the black comedy channel and imagine what would happen if white comedians were saying about blacks what black comedians are saying about whites. I bet you Al Sharpton and the gang would be on the action right away. I suppose we must continue to pay for the slavery. The only thing is that, as bad as I feel about the slavery, I do not wish to take any blame for it, as I was not a part of it.

  149. Anonymous says:

    This is absolutely insane.
    I defected from communism a long time ago and now it’s come back full circle.
    This woman is protected by her right to free speech. She did not threaten anyone; she expressed her feeling about what might happen. Yes, she called him a N….. and that’s no excuse for her bad choice of words.
    Instead we should start a petition and take it to our elected leaders for impeaching the president for the lies and what was covered up in Benghazi?

  150. Robin Kincaid Reagan cut Gov. workers SS to a small amt. My husband was a finiancial planner for the state of____. All something we don't like but OBAMa is the absolute worst. We can't say anything about Obama without the blacks calling us racist. The people that do that don't faze me and can drop off the face of the earth. Their the ones that are racist and they make darn sure they keep it alive because if not for hating white people they would cease to have a reason for living. I live in a state where half is black and we all get along just fine. I just hate Obama.

  151. Alex Spadel says:

    when obama was elected, "socialism" became this horrible, evil thing we needed to get rid of. nevermind that most of the services our government provides us are technically socialist.

    you don't like socialism? fine. i guess we don't need roads and schools, or social security, or medicare and medicaid.

  152. Bob Gerber says:

    @Marie Cobbs – I don't dislike Obama because he is black; I could care what race the President is, as long as he's doing what's best for the entire country. I dislike Obama because of his policies. Everyone that thinks Obamacare is so great, just wait until it's fully implemented. That mandatory payroll deduction is going to sit real well when there's not enough money left to put food on the table. And when people's parents (or the people themselves) get older and are denied medical care because decisions are made on life expectancy rather than need? Yeah, Obamacare is going to be real popular. And when the money for loans for cars or houses or education become unavailable because of the National debt that Obama is wracking up with failed stimulus program after failed stimulus program (under which, btw, a number of his friends got rich) – yeah, that's going to make everything better. No, I don't judge Obama on his race or color – I judge him the way I judge all elected officials – on performance. Unfortunately, he fails that litmus test… and it's only a matter of time before the whole country feels the effects. And no, I don't take any joy in saying so.

  153. for your info /thnk for the info my omputer is skippig i quess but thnk any way you be bless as wel son!

  154. Pj Borowitz says:

    Is it only a half raciest comment? After all his Mother is a white as the fresh falling snow. Calling him BLACK is a racist/bigot comment. I feel offended that his "WHITE" side is being subject to such un-called for discrimination.

  155. Marie Cobbs Who says we are republican? There are dem. that hate Obama. Me, I'm an INDEPENDENT>>>>>>

  156. Robin McCombs says:

    Has anyone read the tweets about how people would start riots and assassinate Romney if Obummer didn't win? Why are they not losing jobs or going to jail? America is SCREWED and there is not enough KY to go around. All the welfare tramps and beaners have used it all to bring more spawns into the world.

  157. Last time I checked, Mr. Spadel, no Black journalists have been violently assaulted by a laughing, White mob when sitting in a car at a stop light in Virginia or elsewhere in this country. Remember the two white journalists who got beatten up by the Black hooligans? Has America conveniently forgotten all about that? Or the white families violently assaulted by Blacks at a Fair last summer. Yeah, Liberal media likes to forget those things as well as the murders of our very best in Benghazi (conveniently kept out of media BEFORE election!).
    People are fed up with minorities getting a free "race card" pass for violence against others; of course, they are pretty good at killing each other in places like Atlanta, Chicago, LA, Detroit, etc., etc.

  158. be ashamed?? i lost my job due to N.A.F.T.A. clintons baby.. picked myself up and started over with no govt assistance.. i live in ny.. sandy just turned the entire state upside down.. we havent had power in two weeks where i live .. its a war zone here..and i still get up and go to work.. ..lady?? i sleep with a clear conscious because i take care of MY business.. i dont need a handout or someone else to take care of me.. its not what your country can do for you.. its what you can do for yourself… and the starving part? 5 million would feed an awful lot of displaced & freezing people from n.y. n.j. & conn.. ask YOUR president why he didnt show his transcripts?? for 5 mil in relief?? he wouldnt do it.. he scoffed at it… what a dirt bag he is.. i have no respect for that bum after that.. none..

  159. Dirk Anderson says:

    FYI, she is not under arrest. She was investigated as are all threats to the POTUS no matter how trivial. No arrest = no First ammendment issue

  160. Dirk Anderson says:

    Fox and MSNBC are NOT news

  161. Thats right just ignore him like the media ignored Romney and the attack on Benghazi and God knows what else that idiot Obama has ignored. I'm not upset over the Mulatto. I'm upset because he will ruin this nation.

  162. Marshall Phillips says:

    Obama supporters, do not fear I paid my taxes, you will get your GOV. check.

  163. Dominic De Falco says:

    My point was that if and when you do reverse the situation, no body even pays attention or it gets a thumbs up like the comments from marie cobbs below!

  164. There are rich in Russia, my friend captains a yacht for a rich Russian.

  165. Of course 8 years of George Bush and a few years of Ronald Reagan as your Governor didn't have any adverse affect. Not for the rich maybe. The middle class still felt it. Why are you Republicans such poor losers?

  166. Ebony Cooley says:

    Alex Spadel I completely agree with you Alex. You dont like socialism you dont like FEMA, I wonder how many people on the east coast who just lost everything they ever worked for in this life dont like socialism. I bet that all these people talking about socialism like its going to bring this country down would like it if they needed it.

  167. Anonymous says:

    Donna Anello , Too much fox news. You're not fooling anyone saying this is not racial. And I'm an educated white American who's father served in WWII. My brother also joined right out of college during Vietnam.

  168. Marie Cobbs , not if it were a Black or Hispanic making the comment. You folks get a free pass based upon your "special" status as people that somehow need protecting from white folks. I've met Africans who are puzzled by the fact Blacks in this country require so much coddling. It's RACIST for guilt-ridden, radical democrats to have so many special services for you minorities because THEY think you arent capable of getting college on your own or a decent job. Doesn't that offend you? – whites use the Democratic Party to keep you people down (as in you are too stupid to get things done without all their handouts and government programs.). Your people are so DEPENDENT, just like poor white trash, that you are ruining the dignity and prosperity of this country.

  169. I agree,black people use the term to each other constantly and blacks are just as racist as whites if not more so. Do we have WET?(white entertainment television)No we do not because that would be seen as racist.I am not a racist either i believe people are pretty much the same everywhere,my son is half African American and my mother is mostly cherokee indian so I think most of us are mutts. She shoud not have been fired for her opinion but that is the world we live in where we all have to watch every word out of our mouths.

  170. Nope, the Black man who was one of the founders of the Tea Party AND Herman Caine (a Black man, last I checked) were real favorites in the South, and among Black Republicans – yes, many very educated, successful middle-class and upper-class Blacks are Republican.

  171. Marta Poulos-Johnson says:

    I didn't mean to post this here. It is a good article though!

  172. Ebony Cooley says:

    Have you conveniently forgot that Humans kill other Humans. Im fed up with "people" blaming minorities for violence against others like a white man just didnt shoot up a movie theather full of people, like two black men(DC sniper) didnt shot people down in the street. Wake up PEOPLE kill othe PEOPLE.

  173. wow,that was a blanket generalization of an entire section of our sounded ike you are saying all southerners are poorly educated people.a lot of the people posting on here seem to have just as many predjudices as the woman who made the original remark.

  174. Jeff Brown says:

    I never said she was arrested…Dumbass. What I questioned was where is all the "Free Speech" support from liberals who support all kinds of egregious speech and actions as "free speech" yet want her in jail for exercising her free speech rights.

    I'd suggest you learn to read, moron…what I've written here is quite clear.

  175. Donald Dean says:

    I am not upset that a black man is in the white house I voted for him the first time. I listened to his speeches before he was elected and since then. I have read and listened to reports after them. I have learned all I can about the EO's that he has written and the bills that he has signed. He is, supposedly, a constitutional professor so why are so many of the EO's and bills that he has written and signed been anti constitutional. If I took former presidents Bush and Clinton and compared them to our setting one. I would have one black liar and two white liars. I think I see why Gina York likes our president "Works at being unemployed and loving it."

  176. Ruth Schreiber And what is this so called "substance" you mention? Could it be the many failed programs passed, or is it the printing of money out of thin air by the fed for our government to borrow and then spend on useless wars that serve only the interest of big business? Please enlighten the rest of us.
    here is a video of one threat and an accompanying article. The woman in this video said she was going to do it while the woman who is the subject of these discussions never said she was going to do it.

  177. Donald Dean says:

    I do not think that I or you can say what we think, feel or believe because of a black president or a white one. It is called FFRREEDDDOOOOMM OOFF SSPPEEEECCHH. Did you condemn those that threatened Mitt Romney elected or not? I DOUBT IT!!!!! If you cheered you need to be charged as well since you supported it.

  178. Like I said: Proof read. It's part of the writing process and critical if you want people to take you and your work seriously.

  179. Donald Dean says:

    Hay Alex till you live where she has maybe you should consider not laughing and not calling her a liar

  180. Donald Dean says:

    To E. F. Coleman Why is it that only the president can not be verbally threatened.

  181. Steven Narro says:

    The fact is….this young woman made a stupid error in judgement of making "racial slurs and stating that she hopes The President gets assassinated " on her Facebook Page. That you fine upstanding citizens of this Great Nation is in fact…is a DIRECT threat on the life on the President of the United States…regardless of how it was presented…social media or otherwise…..and regardless of whom and what race the President is of this Nation at the time.
    Why do you people make everything that happens in the political world so BLACK AND WHITE…'s not the color; it's the person you have elected to the office to represent you and have put your trust in, in the House of Represenatives and Congress, and as President….less we forget their are more than one races of human beings on this Earth and in this Country…but I have seen no exterme retaliation upon those other races because of their political beliefs..if the President was a woman would that have made a difference to Denise Helms, and would she might not have made those comments? I'm not being prejudice just objective.
    Ms. Helms did the cardinal sin of becoming a " DOMESTIC TERRORIST " as per the Patriot Act signed by yours truely former President George W. Bush…we are and have been monitored by our Intelligence Agencies of any and all social media activity because of that Act.
    RACISM will be used by any and all people that don't agree with your brand of Politics, Religion, or Lifestyle…etc, etc. Need I say more?

  182. Completely agree. Obama has done more harm to this country than any president in the past. And information is still coming out that makes me seriously question whether he legitimately won or not.

  183. John Garris says:

    Sandy Hutchins who the hell are you to tell me to move,I fought for this country,something I bet you dident do,and I have no intention of going any where,if you dont like what I say dont read it,but you are proving to be one of those liberals that that dont anyone should say any thing if they dont agree with you ,and besides that Obama is the one that said he would resign if he dident balance the budget in four years,now all of you libs want to give him and dont talk shit to me because you dont want any to say anything bad aboutthe muslim.

  184. Donna Rae Libel says:

    good comment PJ, still LOL.


  186. You know lance i agree, We have to ask ourselves with all the known fraud surrounding this election why isn't Romney doing anything about it. Hmmm…i smell something rotten. if he reallycared about America and really wanted to be president why is he not calling attention to these things and doing something about it? perhaps this whole election was a big ole smoke screen for something else? Just sayin…something smells awfuly wrong here.

  187. robin you are a racist and if you wear make up you want to add some color to your face we love our brown skin

  188. Alex Spadel you are a lying fool you dont believe that your self

  189. Doug Davis says:

    You is funny Clayton ha ha.

  190. Attila Jötunn Thorbjørnsson says:

    Ruth Schreiber blacks said they would riot and kill white people if obama lost

  191. Susan Laymon says:

    Right…..I'm sure that if a "home-boy" had advocated "that honky-ass Bush" be assassinated, no one would have blinked an eye…..get real! It is truly time to accept the fact that the majority of us elected Obama for a second term and it is time for the Republican Party to start thinking of the good of this country and all of it's people or they will be totally out of the picture in two years.

  192. I guess freedom of speech only applies if you are black man here in america. After all the black man call each other nigger all day long. Heck I even have some of them even call me a nigger a few times a day. Some have even made Millions from using the N word like Richard Pryor, and most your rap artist out there today. But let a white man say it or in this case a white woman and all hell breaks lose! A lot of Rap Artist talking about killing mother f**cker all day long are they in jail for telling our youths to go out and kill in there music. Ice T music was all about killing the police and f**ck the N*gger then he turn around and has play a cop on a tv show for how many years now! No the black man can make millions for say n*gger every day. But let a white person say it on Facebook and it is a Felony! Oh My God does FREEDOM OF SPEECH only apply if you are black here in America or what? To be honest I have heard a few black people call Obama the N word too. I voted for Obama hid first term because he promise to bring the troops home. Instead he started another war and waited to election time to bring home the troops so it would be fresh on the voters mind come election day. I thought that to be a deceitfull tactic and is why I did not vote for him a second time. He prove to me to be a lier from his first term in Office. And I hate to thank about all the American's that have lost their life while he was in Office the first time not to mention the ones that will lose thier life the second term that he is in office. I would worried more about that then I would some white lady calling him a N**ger.

  193. Grammer Nazi's are out!

  194. What movie are you referring to?

  195. Jeff Brown – inciting violence against the president is NOT protected speech. Have you read the amendment?

  196. Dominic – Here is the Amendment. If you read it you will have an informed opinion, which you obviously do not have at this juncture. Inciting violence against the President is NOT protected speech under the 1st Amendment.

  197. It is telling that you saw "two black women"
    I would have just seen two women…….

    just sayin'

  198. aclassdeck – I assume you had to take a citizenship test which included knowing the amendments.Here us the amendment….I think you need a refresher course. Inciting violence against the President is NOT protected speech under the 1st Amendment.

  199. Robert – Please clarify how the President is spending all his time dividing the country. Is he really dividing the country…or just your vision of it. There are lots of perspectives on what should be done and probably argumemnts to be made both ways. But you seem to respect only opinions that are your own or similar to them….and that is not what good citizenship and humanity is about.

  200. MaLinda Applegate says:

    It wasn't so much her useing the N word as it was the part that maybe he would get assasonated that was a federal thing

  201. Liliana Vess says:

    Hey Robin, that's really smart, looking down your "native" nose at other people. I'm native too. I was born here. That makes me native.

    Shows you what America thinks of "Native Americans:" How many sports teams are named after Indians? How many sports teams have logos that are Native American people in war paint with feathers stuck out of their head?

    I'm pretty sure those logos are about as racist as you can get aside from a KKK rally. But you're sitting here making racist comments about blacks and Hispanics. You're no better than anyone else.

    I know you like to think your $#!+ don't stank but lean a little closer baby. Roses really smell like booboo.

  202. I bet all these folks are going to feel some heat as well….

  203. Mary Spaulding , i have been a democrat all my adult life(am 75 years old now) However this time aroun d i voted for Romney..Still feel he would have done a good good as anyone can do with whats left to work with. The Nations overseas have no respect for a weak President and have been very verbal about it.God bless America and change some people.
    Regarding this young ladys post it was crude and rude, but many people were very verbal about killing Romney..far as i know no one took exception.

  204. It is equally racial to name whites as racial. Can u tell the color of my skin? no you can not.

  205. Dominic De Falco says:

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

    I am not sure what that has to do with this or my point. For the record, I do not agree with her racist remark but also do not see her comment as a threat. If it said "I will" then I could see it as a threat. Also, I see you are working as a public official so I will assume you are working in Politics in some shape or form. I also see that you support democrats so I see no reason we should even being discussing anything. Exercising my Freedom of speech for the short time I still can… I have never meet a Democrat that I really like and in my opinion, anyone in politics has no moral values and are no better then street thugs and or gang members! Just my opinion!

  206. Why didn't the secret service investigate all of the Horrible black posted slurs about killing Mitt Romney when he was under secret service protection and running for the White House? It's wrong what this woman did, but LETS FACE IT — there's racism AGAINST white people, too.

  207. Ha,Ha,Ha..i like that..he could surely use a new one or just go bald..He probably would look good bald.

  208. SATAN IS ALIVE AND WELL, and if you don't know the meaning of that, you're not familiar with the scriptures… where your eyes, ears, hearts & minds should be. God planned us, designed us, created us; therefore, we belong to Him & He knows what is best for us. You may turn away from Him, but GOD is the Final Decider. Therefore, we know that GOD IS IN CONTROL, and HE LIVES! Let's keep our eyes on Him. PRAISE THE LORD!

  209. spell check and grammar freak…you missed spelled education.

  210. Vivian Brust says:

    Alex Spadel what a racist comment, a paranoid old what?

  211. Bryan Hanson says:

    What is in your coffee?

  212. Vivian Brust says:

    I listen to Rush, I watch FOX and I voted for Romney but I found what she said very sad and disgusting. I don't like Obama but I don't want someone to kill him. His race has nothing to do with anything. Her cold heartedness should be watched, and if need be, to be punnished.

  213. Dedrick Lewis says:

    I can't wait for another person to become president and do absolutely nothing better and see if people complain nearly as much. I don't understand how people expect the president to improve upon things when he became president while the economy was crap, faces extreme opposition from the opposite party regardless of what he tries to do, and I don't care if you agree or not, there's obviously racism involved (All the accusations of him being Muslim, which doesn't mean anything anyway, the whole birth certificate and etc. It's just downright disrespectful and no one ever did this crap before.), and a bunch of the crap is not even in his control. Thanks to checks and balances, the president is not all powerful and he can't do everything he says when he constantly has to jump through hoops become people are obsessed with playing party politics and outright denying everything from the opposite party regardless of how helpful it could be to the future. Do I think Obama is the best? God no, but I certainly think he's better than Romney and I do think he tries and for the love of god I don't see how ANYONE in their right mind can think Bush was a better president than Obama. Honestly, I don't even see how it was remotely possibly he became president. But you can agree to disagree. Threats or even something that sounds like a threat is clearly going to have backlash and any employer has the right to fire you over racial remarks; regardless of your race. But whatever, you can't change peoples minds. I learned that long ago.

  214. Dean Masello says:

    @Todd The First Amendment (free speech) doesn't apply here… it protects people from government censorship… it does not prohibit censorship in the private sector… i.e., Cold Stone.

  215. How do we know he is educated? He won't release his college transcripts. What's he hiding? Quit blaming Bush, He inherited Bill Clinton's crap he inherited everyone else's crap. So stop blaming Bush. Also, the media was wide spread about the threats against Romney and the fact that multiple African Americans said thay voted for Obama because he is black.

  216. This white trash is a joke. That's why mitt lost not enough white trash like you around anymore

  217. Alin Calibasi says:

    this bitch is fucking retarded. where's your accountability? Fat bitches don't deserve to eat.

  218. Well, it's just not a good time to be white. I'm behind the girl from Turlock, CA. 1,000,000,000 percent. She has the right to say what she wants. She didn't say she was going to try to kill barry, she said maybe it would happen. Tough dog doo. The person that said that people both women and men that are black threatened to kill Mr. ROMNEY, who is a MAN something that I know the little MUSLIM PUNK is not. Also, the NBPP saying kill all the crackers and their babies. I invited those BASTARDS to Placerville, CA. to hang out at the polling places and try to intimidate voters. They would have found out why WE, call it, OLD HANGTOWN. ONLY RIGHT isn't it. SCREW barry. He is the EVIL ONE and one person TERRORIST THREAT to OUR country. It is a FACT. NO threats, no slander. You see, ask any of the judges, even the crooked ones, as long as you are speaking the TRUTH on anything you cannot be held for slander or liable. But, how WE could hold most of our congressnen and women, the Not So Supreme Court Jester and the president himself. I'm sure glad he is not my president. I am getting too old for this crap. As far as I am concerned, Barry Soetoro Hussein has taken eight years of my life. I will be 71 years old when that BASTARD is gone. (Another Truth) So all I can axe is, can I be held for anything bad if the thought of Air Force One having the General Electric engines fail. I don't think so. By the way G.E. is a piece of shit company. DON'T buy from them. AMERICAN, Larry VELASCO HISPANIC who would never be fooled by the PUNK

  219. Obama is one of our best presidents ever. Someone list what good Bush ever did for us. I consider myself a Demopublican, but lately, I have been favoring the Democrat. You republicans need to watch what you say on TV. Romney only lost the election because he endorsed a man who said Rape is an act of god, and that he wanted to do away with birth control and abortion. I'm sorry, but I need my birth control because I take it for medical reasons. Abortion should be a medical procedure decided upon by your doctor in rare cases like the women who find out that their pregnancy is killing them, or in the cases of the baby that will not survive outside the uterus. Ask yourselves this. Would you rather lose the baby, or your wife and the baby?

  220. I didn't see where Ms. Helm said someone should kill barry. She said, I think, maybe he would be assasinated. There is a big differnece. If she was saying someone should kill him or inferring that, it would be different. People overreact. No one said anything about the NBPP at the polling places trying to intimdate older voters and saying that blacks should kill whites and their babies. Those guys, whether you are black, white, brown, red, yellow or pink are IDIOTS and the scum of the earth. They were gotten rid of once and it can be done again. Where the hell was The EVIL ONE or Eric Holder when all that was going on. DO ya get the picture. No RACISM there. This country is in trouble. If you and when I say you, I mean everyone can't see that, it's kinda sorry. Larry Velasco

  221. Alex Spadel you must be a guy who is between 25 and 36. Am I right. You take like a person with a paper A-hole. You are not old enough to know how great this country was. All you do is listen to the PARASITES who want to take from people who have WORKED for what they have. The little MUSLIM PUNK some of you call your president wants it that way. He thinks the guys who made it should give what they have to some clown who never worked for anything. WAKE UP. You will prbably be surprise when the REVOLUTION comes and some "OLD RETARD" kicks you ass. AMERICAN, Larry VELASCO HISPANIC who would NEVER vote for the MUSLIM PUNK and LIAR.

  222. Clayton, don't you get it, it's OK when they do it. Anyone who is against the MUSLIM PUNK is a Racist in their eyes. The real RACISTS in this country are, the little MUSLIM PUNK, barry soetoro hussein and his TRACTOR JAWED wife Michelle. That's a fact. I am Hispanic and knew better both times not to vote for the BASTARD. He is trying to take over this country with dictator like tactices. He is not to be trusted. He is, THE EVIL ONE. I am Larry VELASCO, AMERICAN

  223. Marie Cobbs You are living proof of the school systems FAILURES. Republicans didn't stop the money for security. obama cut spending on military offense and defense. Are you guys really that brainwashed? WAKE UP. AMERICAN, LARRY VELASCO HISPANIC not fooled by the MUSLIM PUNK

  224. If history tries to show 0bama as the greatest president ever…….We'll be in even more trouble than we are right now……Just sayin…..

  225. Anonymous says:

    It is sad to to say that racism still exist and will never go away…but it just boggles me when Cave Men (sorry for that I meant to say Caucasians) do not realize just a little bit why other races feel they way they do. This is not your country "THIEF'S".

  226. William P Caloia Sr. Laugh my ass off, AMEN BROTHER YOU AND I BOTH.

  227. Anonymous says:

    wow! Lets just forget the actual Tweets but someone who is an american citizen to say that she wouldn't care if her president is assassinated is crazy. You disagree with someone's politics and so you don't care if that person lives or dies? A human being's life means nothing to you? Deplorable!

  228. Anonymous says:

    After reading these comments from the people all I can say is 80% of you have SATAN smiling! Come on down & join ADOLF!

  229. Anonymous says:

    white or black or whatever color, if it's a threat, it's a threat.

  230. L.d. Stevens says:

    Ruth Schreiber – substance over style?? I think you have the two mixed up. All obama is is style and slick rhetoric. More of the same – more debt, less responsibility (Benghazi anyone?) more freebies to those who won't get up off their asses, more fiscal irresponsibility – and you dare say that Romney was vapid – he had a plan and the only thing he didn't do right in his election campaign was to force obama to tell the truth about Benghazi and other shady operations he's been involved in. Face it – HALF THE COUNTRY wanted him OUT! That's not the vote of confidence I'd be proud of.

  231. Anonymous says:

    William P Caloia Sr.

  232. Anonymous says:

    he is mean

  233. Anonymous says:

    a true racist is a heterosexual male who says they would not have sex with eva mendes, hale berry, hedi klumm, and any bond girl including grace jones lol.

  234. It just dawned on me, I'm not sure all of you saw the entire discussion I was a part of when I posted this. If you had I think you would understand why I said what I said. And what I said in the above statement needs to be viewed in the context of that discussion. I just learned an important lesson about facebook. Things can end up on your page without others getting the whole story, and in this case, it was in a conversation with a friend that isn't your friend, so I believe all you see is my post, not the entire discussion.

  235. What a limited vocabulary you have!!!

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