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Trailer for 'World War Z' is More Like World War zzzzzzzzz

This is the kind of world we live in, where I can run articles about trailers for zombie movies two days in a row. Anyway…

World War Z, after a development that moved slower than the shambling of the undead, is finally set for a release next June. And yesterday, a trailer was set loose on the web. So how does it look?

To me… not terribly interesting. The book on which the film is based (which is okay) put a new spin on the zombie genre by focusing on a worldwide struggle between humans and zombies. It has a scope far greater than most zombie stories. But this looks like a generic disaster flick, only with zombies instead of earthquakes or an asteroid or the Mayans or global warming. Brad Pitt just wants to save his family, darn it. In fact, it seems to take very little from the book besides the name, but perhaps that’s just a marketing ploy.

Oh, and then there’s the actual zombies. They look just terrible. I suppose that depicting them as a seething swarm hasn’t been done before, but the CGI looks just plain unnatural (they move WAY too fast, so fast that they run right out of the uncanny valley).

Nothing about this inspires any hope in me. What say you? Check out the trailer for yourself:

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