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Jermaine Jackson Files for Name Change to "Jacksun"

Jermaine Jackson has filed a petition to change his last name, from “Jackson” to “Jacksun.”

Jackson filed the name change request with the L.A. County Superior Court earlier this week, stating in court documents that he seeks the name change for “artistic reasons.”

The change seems oddly subtle, as it changes little phonetically. Jackson friend Steve Dennis spoke on the singer’s behalf to Fox News, offering this cryptic explanation:

“It is something he has chosen to do, and it’s fair to say that you cannot blame this one on the boogie, you’ve got to blame it on the sunshine,” said Dennis, borrowing lyrics from The Jackson 5’s 1978 hit, “Blame it on the Boogie.”

Perhaps Jackson is attempting to differentiate himself from his brothers, after decades of belonging in one of the most famous family acts in history, initially “The Jackson 5” on Motown Records in the 1960s and 1970s then “The Jacksons” after the group moved to CBS.

After Michael Jackson’s sudden death in 2009, the remaining brothers attempted a comeback, with a reality show later that year and a summer tour, dubbed the Unity Tour, in 2012.

The name change is merely the latest in a series of odd news items about the Jackson family this year. Family matriarch Katherine Jackson was reported missing in late July, having allegedly been taken from her home by several of her children.

As Katherine is guardian of Michael’s three children Prince, Paris and Blanket, the event aroused attention from both the media and the Michael Jackson estate executors. Paris took to Twitter to express her frustration, as she and her siblings had no idea of their grandmother’s whereabouts.

Eventually, it was revealed that several of Michael’s siblings, including Jermaine, had taken Katherine in an attempt to overthrow Michael’s executors. The siblings had addressed a letter to the estate claiming the executors had taken advantage of their family. Notably, brothers Marlon and Jackie did not sign the letter and did not support the overthrow attempt.

While all the drama ensued, Jermaine continued to tour with his brothers in the Unity Tour.

While the rationale behind Jermaine’s name change request remains unclear, there will be a hearing on February 22 as to whether Jackson will officially become Jacksun.

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