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Sarah Palin Still ‘Cannot Believe’ Majority Of Americans Support Obama

Former Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin says she was disappointed with Tuesday’s presidential election results, calling President Barack Obama’s win over GOP challenger Mitt Romney a “catastrophic setback to our economy.”

Speaking on Fox News to Greta Van Susteren before it was official that the president had won a second term, the former Alaska governor expressed her dismay with the night’s results.

“The realization at this point is that those Bain Capital ads that voters just got inundated with early on in Ohio, and some of these other areas as it pertained to the auto bailout, I think really hurt Romney,” she said.

“This really is a catastrophic setback to our economy. And to any opportunity that we would have for Supreme Court justices to be appointed who” who strictly adhere to the Constitution.”

She cited Obama’s record on debt in equating four more years with the same president as simply meaning a bigger deficit.

Van Susteren chimed in that even if Florida, Virginia and Ohio go to Romney, it is evident there’s “no clear mandate from the American people.” The “country remains divided.”

Pointing again to the debt, Palin said the way the country moves forward is by following the “blueprint” from the Constitution.

Van Susteren reiterated her point about there being no clear mandate, no commanding lead by one party.

“A win is a win,” Palin said, adding that she “cannot believe that the majority of Americans” would feel okay with incurring more debt, not balancing the budget and relying on foreign energy.

“It’s a perplexing time for many of us right now,” she noted, “if things continue in this trend that we have seen earlier tonight.”

Now a reality TV star, Palin was the surprising running mate pick of Sen. John McCain during his failed 2008 bid against Obama. The darling of the right-wing Tea Party proved to be lacking in depth on numerous key issues, but was an extremely polarizing figure nonetheless.

She contemplated a presidential run of her own before passing last year.

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