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Mistakes We Make When Choosing Life Partners

When questions are asked about how people choose their life partners, it becomes quite obvious that most people of today’s modern don’t really know what they need. We most of the time confuse ourselves with need and want. It is therefore not surprising to find more divorce cases rising far above marriage cases. Want, as in relationship is more or less looking at the physical; wanting an attractive man or woman, someone who has money to run the house and the family, someone who can actually support you in future, can really give you good sex and the likes. In today’s issue, we will dive into all these factors to see whether it is necessary to choose a life partner based on some them.

Choosing a life partner based on physical attractiveness is not bad but, before that , it must be taken into consideration that beauty, as it is, is a natural wealth for a short period of time. Humans change with respect to time. If the person does not age, there are other factors that can really take the attractiveness of the without us not able to do anything about it. We are just life flowers, wild and all rosy in the morning but gloomy and weak by night fall. Have you asked yourself whether you will be able to live with the person should all the attractiveness fade away?

Another grave mistake we make when choosing a partner is when the choice is made looking at the financial success of the person. Money is good, no two ways about that but never has it been heard that money buy happiness or love which happens to be key factors that keeps marriages going. Falling for someone based on the financial gains of the person can cause more problems for you than you even expect.

Another factor that influences bad partnership decision is sex. Most ladies especially, when in their youth, desire men who can actually make them feel good in bed. But we must not forget that it is a lifetime decision and a long term execution of plan not a short term one. The problem is that sometimes we forget that it is a long term decision we are taking and thus choosing a partner for that journey should go far beyond the physicalities. Imagine eating one particular food for a month, two or three. Would you ever have an appetite for that particular food in the next month to come? Definitely no! It is same with sex. Being Intimate with one particular person for a long period of time can be boring sometimes thus not good…

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