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Martha Stewart Gets Her Own Sitcom?!

That’s right, the mother of all things domestic, Martha Stewart, is getting her own TV show on Fox. Nope, it’s not a talk show or DIY home decorating show, instead it’s a sitcom. Yes, as in “funny – ha – ha Martha wants to make us laugh”. If you can’t tell, I’m a little skeptical about the domestic goddess treading in the comedy arena, but hey if she can poke fun at her jail time and decorating OCD, then why don’t we all laugh together.

According to, Stewart’s new show is called The Tao of Martha and no, Martha isn’t the starring role. Instead it’s a concept similar to a Julie & Julia,  where the main character looks to Martha for wisdom in putting the pieces of her broken life together. The protagonist is a “party girl” who looks to clean up her act after her husband leaves her because of her chaotic lifestyle. She also wants to be a better role model for her young daughter. Naturally, Martha Stewart is the first person we think of to be a role model for all young girls. Just slap on an apron, hand her a vaccuum, and she’ll be ready for her MRS. degree in no time. I would much rather see a show with more dynamic and forward thinking role models who encourage young girls to break out of the more traditional female housewife role. Women like Tina Fey, Susan B. Anthony, heck even Hilary Clinton would be more inspired choices to base a TV show on and not to mention more up to date with a modern woman’s place in society.

It will be interesting to watch what angle showrunners decide to take with the show and if they’ll make mention of Martha’s flaws (like her stint in the clink for one). We’ll keep you posted on the latest news with The Tao of Martha, and let you know if it even makes it to television.

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